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Crystal Berry
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  • OMG hello you, no i dont wrestle. However i do compete at weightlifting now haha. :P

    How are you? Miss your face! Do you still have skype? xx
    Dark Azelf
    Dark Azelf
    Alot of politics in wrestling, favouritism etc. When you've been a competitive athlete or come from a sporting background like myself, thats annoying to deal with. You win because of your performance in competitive sports and you win in wrestling because someone says you can lol. 😬

    For my job im a rehabilitation and clinical exercise specialist, strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer haha. Lifes been ok, bought my first house last year so im getting there. Personal life...... im working on, havent had some great relationships and other stuff go on lol.

    What about you? Also whats your skype if you made one? xx
    Crystal Berry
    Crystal Berry
    Ah darn :( So I'm guessing you weren't allowed to win very much. It's a shame that politics can get that bad that it crushes your passion for something. ): Kinda reminds me of Ronda Rousey.

    Wowwww, as someone who goes to the gym almost everyday now you'd probably be very helpful :) I mainly do cardio and pushups but I want to start doing more safe exercises. I recently bought running shoes too for the treadmill!

    I still need to make one but you can DM me your screen name??
    Dark Azelf
    Dark Azelf
    Yeah it was basically that, just didnt find it fun with all that going on in the background which sucks but im enjoying weightlifting! Least with that there are no politics, you either lift it or you dont. 🤣

    But course Id be more than happy to help you with the training stuff also haha. Do some squats and deads! :P

    Ill message you my email, dont want strange ppl adding me lol! Unless you'd sooner do wattsapp or something else. xx
    Meh, professional life is great, personal life is lol, you? I tried to contact you on skype a while ago. You should go on so we can catch up. I missed you. :( xx
    Oh, hey there! I remember you from a few years ago. You just disappeared suddenly :o
    I've messaged a couple of the people I remember like Castform, Christos and someone else who I've now forgotten but only a Hey how are you kinda thing. I do go by the battle server every now and again and there's just nothing going on. I haven't done a great deal of battling since like gen 6. I don't like gen 7 or gen 8 so I've avoided them in terms of competitive, I usually just do random battles lol
    It's good to hear you're doing well! I was a little bummed that the Showdown server we all used to talk on is pretty much dead now, Lots of people who I can't remember what their usernames were so it's been hard finding them.

    As for me, I've been doing great, just living life, still a pokemon fan and getting on with things. Hope you're having a good christmas.
    While you haven't been online in nearly a year and it's likely you'll not see this. I hope we can catch up sometime.
    Amazing? Usually people call it something else. ;) Miss you too. However ive been banned on server so there lies a conundrum (i blame the liberals). Do you have skype or facebook or anything?
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