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  • aw thanks <33

    And cool! I have to go to work in about an hour, soo just hanging out here. Are you enjoying the forums so far~? o:
    baw, your username and theme is adorable~ <33

    also hi! hope you're doing well. <33
    Haha yeah sure we could! You'd probably mob the floor with me, though, since I'm not a super experienced battler XD I just occasionally do some battles with friends or go on battle spot.

    Aaah I love Lanturn!! Another one I quite enjoy using in Trick Room is Choice Band Granbull. He really packs a punch! hehe Also Mega Audino as my Trick Room setter .... I know there's better Pokemon for that, but I just really enjoy using it hahaha especially in doubles/VGC
    Definitely the same regarding lower tiers! I find most overused Pokemon pretty boring ... I don't know if you watched the World Championships this year? I was a bit disappointed, especially with the Masters Division because it was basically just Landorus and Mega Kengaskhan *siiigh
    I do like cool and strong looking Pokemon, but not the ones that are too humanoid (like Conkeldurr ... man that thing is ugly). I love the ones based on animals :> I really enjoy Trick Room because many Pokemon I like are kinda slow hehe
    Oh that is Amethyst from Steven Universe. I'm someone who reblogs a lot of the fanart on Tumblr because the art just tends to be so good.
    Same! Should probably go to bed soon as it's getting pretty late ... but oh well, internet is still drawing me in haha
    So you said you like competitive battling. What kind of Pokemon do you like to use? :>
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