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Crystal Berry
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  • I'm not a huge poster in general, but I read through threads and the userbase's posts quite a bit. :o
    I think if I were the type to create threads, I'd be confused about whether I should post something in the Treehouse or in The Mall...

    I still have my job selling donuts. It's kinda wearing me out at this point but it's certainly better than when I first started. x'D I'm still fumbling about trying to decide what to do with my college education. Other than that, I'm just living my life~ And of course I'm interested in playing any games with you! Smash, MK8, etc. I was hoping you'd return someday so I might be able to eventually defeat your Mario. >8D
    VMs are a fun casual way to chat with people at your own pace~ Yeah, I don't talk to many people aside from one on one convos on Skype these days. PC always welcomes members back no matter how long it's been. :)

    It looks like you've already posted a lot in The Mall! ^_^ It's like Treehouse... but more focused on lifestyle or something? It's still pretty cool. Its creation was decided upon by popular vote. Maybe it will stay even after its 3 month trial period? (And thus all the meaningful threads will be in the Mall, and Treehouse will reveal its true form as dank meme/shitpost central. xD)

    So how have ya been, and are you having fun visiting PC again? :3
    I'm eagerly awaiting the day I grow a 3rd and 4th thumb. Until then, I'll settle for just lurking about :>
    oh haha

    i step on a rock just now which actually was a cow poops, its exactly similar to rock T-T
    hello there cute pichu person, cute snubull person checking in to say that I've failed my mission to like all of your posts. I've run out of thumbs!

    there's a lot varieties of foods from all around the world

    how about your?
    Eh, I've definitely been better. This year has not exactly been the most exciting for me so far, 2015 has been better. Granted we're only starting but I don't have a great feeling right about now.
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