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  • Have a great birthday!!
    hope you are well <3
    It's Cirno from the old MLP club (I've probably said this before but it was ages ago, I'm sure.. ahaa) and it'd be good to see you around more again!
    I'm glad almost everything is free, just the amiibo stuff you have to buy. The game was expensive enough already xD
    Not doing it in October would be a really big missed opportunity. Not doing it at all would be a pretty big slip up, too.
    But, whatever. It's a great game as is even if they never add anything new.
    I'm waiting for the (hopefully eventual) introduction of Octolings to Splatoon as playable characters. Seems like an obvious next step, don't you think?
    Me too. ;_; I wish he'd come back. We didn't talk much but I still miss these people that I used to know.
    It's called Himouto! Umaru-Chan. It's such a cute anime, and I'm glad my bf recommended it to me. It's about this "perfect" high school girl with a secret "slacker' personality. it's really funny and adorable and I can relate to the main character so much. It barely started, so I'm up to date. (barely 6 episodes in, episode 7 coming soon).
    Oh awesome! Thank you so much! I'll put a link in the splash so everyone can see it. If I do anything else with the thread (like maybe merging it with other tutorials or moving it or something) I'll let you know first. :)
    Good, good, yeah I totally loved episode 100, it really put a smile on my face.

    Ive not really been following E3 much to be honest all I know about is the Nintendo leaks.
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