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  • Yeah but all downloads across the internet for pokemon emerald or firered seem to be removed, I'm not even sure how people still make rom hacks. Do you know anything about rom hacking?
    Hm... what would the pokéflute sound like if it was built in reality?

    The one that appeared in X&Y reminisces a recorder and has 7 holes like one,
    but what about the ball? How would THAT influence the sound?
    Oboes do, have a ball-like bell(or however you call it)...
    also, what about the material? Is it tin? Or brass?
    OKay, someone has 3d-printed one, and apparently it won't work. Someone commented the thing needs a recorder's file,
    and it ought make a sound, however there was no reply and thus far I can find no footage of a proper poké-flute.
    I found a couple other legitimate-looking pokéflutes, but one was a recorder with a few holes covered by a toy poké-ball,
    and the other was a tin whistle with a poké-ball on the end, so those don't count.
    In FRLG, HGSS and XY, the pokéflute uses the regular flute soundfonts, whereas on Snap it sounds quite like a Pan flute.
    The first time it appeared in the animé, it sounded like an organ, and there's a thing I wish to type in regard :
    day ago I had ma listen to the Bressan recorder from the "Early Music Ensemble" soundfonts collection in the demonstrative videogram,
    and she claimed it kinda sounded like an organ. Perhaps not a drawbar or a sizeable pipe organ, but in the demo video there was the soundfont
    of a salon organ, and the resemblance was UNCANNY.
    Colosseum, XD, Mystery Dungeon areas, Ranger games and modern core games
    all feature a grid-less movement system, which lets the player navigate the world
    more freely, without having to step from a tile to an other...
    I wonder, how can a grid-less movement system be achieved? What would such
    system imply on the gameplay aspect and on the technical one?
    (aside sprite editing if we included diagonal movement?)
    Apparently plants communicate with each other, can recognize members of their own species and will get competitive with the leaves' sizes if they're close to one of a different species...
    I wonder if that could have any influence over the grass type? What if grass types could silently communicate through chemicals,
    in a way similar to dedenne's radio signals, the latii's telepathy and riolu&lucario's aura to an extent, albeit on a shorter range?
    Perhaps they can communicate with plantlife as well?
    I was thinking of reverting back to an older version of Essentials for the sake of installing
    EBS and many other lug-ins but...
    The amie/refresh plugin and a possibly a few others are for 17,2...
    Apparently Pokémon Rangers are mentioned in Detective Pikachu...
    I wonder which ones 'tho?
    Well, it was developed by Creatures Inc., a Creatures subsidiary that developed Shadows of Almia & Guardian signs,
    so... could it be a sign? Get it, a sign? xP
    For Pete's forsaken sakes, today I saw a thing I wish I could take a picture of...
    So, a while ago I took participation to a raku ceramic course, and couldn't
    take part the last meeting (painting and cooking) because of a job colloquy
    that revealed itself to be a farse. I was thus phone-called by one of the instructors,
    asking if I was willingful to come today to an Artistic Lyceum to see ceramic produce
    being placed into the oven. Aside the migraine caused by the rock-breaking sun, I enjoyied
    having a look at various stuff within the lab : there were marbles, plaster casts and clay/ceramic stuff...
    One thing I saw on a shelf was a relief (not cooked)clay tile featuring a forsaken Unova Ash cap pikachu...
    In Pokémon Essentials fan-games, like in pre gen5 titles, there's a bunch of textbox options
    one may pick from, however like in said games one has to scroll through them, which gets more
    and more tedious the more styles one implemented.
    Whilst playing Pokémon Ranger : Shadows of Almia, I noticed the few textbox styles were
    all on-screen for the player to tap. Now, what if something similar was in Essentials?
    Let's see... instead of the regular speech frame and menu frame scrollers we had a "Frames browser"?
    The players presses Enter and the option screen changes into a window listing
    the following choices : Core game frames, Side-game frames, Fandev's customs, Others.
    These choices work like cathegories, in fact upon confirming one of those choices we
    have a window with the textboxes displayed in a similar way they do in
    Graphics\Windowskins with large icons, and the player may go through them with the
    arrow keys similarly to the PC boxes... and there could also be mouse functionality allowing
    to use the cursor instead.
    It would be nice if name raters became name tutors instead, not only allowing you to
    give a pseudonym to your fellow pokémon but also offering you several viable proposals
    based off characters and in-game nicknames(trades, contests & more) as well as
    actual names that somehow relate to the type, species or nature...
    Let's take cyndaquil, quilava and typhlosion into consideration...
    "A side-game, brought by those whom introduced us to the barren Orre...
    One switches pokémon of their places and watches them as they go by..."
    I'd really love if, instead of a bunch of options on a background we could have the fan-game's
    main menu... contextualized... looking like something, somehow making sense...
    There's a desk with a bunch of stuff lying atop...
    Continue->A piece of paper or a copybook/notepad with a drawing of the team/game save info
    New game->A blank protocol sheet like those used in essays
    Settings->A pencil case and/or a pair of headphones/earphones
    Mystery gift->A box containing a pin portraying the latii, I was thinking about them since they were the first Mystery gift pokémon ever... except back in the day they were called Mystery events...
    Scenarios->Similar to the special missions from PMD:EoS. The option is represented by figures of pokémon and humans... the problem would be which ones to pick... one might also consider having them changing depending on the date...
    Chorusx4 : Son un tale innanzi al calar del sol, incantato dai wingull

    Rimirando il blu mar, con lacrime duolgo
    Coi soavi wingull che nel golfo si innalzano.

    No clue what this is? Little hint :
    There is one very unique location that appeared in the animated series and could work in a fan-made title...
    In the Johto journeys epsode "Address unown" an unown caused an explosion that sent the JJM TRio blasting off again but made the other three totally disappear. Ash, Misty & Brock had been warped within the mind of Ash's larvitar, where they found out about what provoked his mistrust in human beings : his mother being taken by poachers.
    Now, this idea does, have quite some potential : let's assume the fan-dev/rom hacker decides to turn the starter/s into proper characters, with their own traits, perks, quirks, backstories... the player, aside being capable of learning more about their fellow's story, could learn about their thoughts during some past events the player has also experienced(unless they got temporarily separated due to force majeure) and, at some point, ask them directly some existential questions (about combat, relatives, what's it like inside the ball) possibly listed as an options roster, and once the player is done asking questions their starter makes an extremely anticlimatic statement that causes the player character to perform an animé-style comedic casqué : "you need to wash yourself" xD
    (Alternatives to that could be dreams/nightmares )
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