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  • Add Pokemon to your current trade shop very soon. Trade shops offering less than 20 unique Pokemon species are closed.
    I received your email. I already told you, you can't make a club based on a game and your post was more like a guide than a fan club. In future, please check the approval updates thread to see if you club has been revoked and the reasons for it.
    Hmm, do you mean Platinum as in the game? If you were going to make that, it'd have to be a club for all of Generation IV :3
    Hi there, you have 2 days left before your reserved fan club idea (Electric Rodents) is up for grabs for any member to make, so get creating! ^^
    Hello. Your application for *Aura Guardians* Lucario/Riolu Fan Club has been accepted. You didn't have to send me a PM with your application, you could have just posted in the thread itself, but don't worry about it.
    I've checked the new thread, I'm sorry but I still can't accept it. D: 'Legendary Pokemon' can't include things such as Charizard etc, it can only include the Pokemon that are classed as legendary in game. You need to keep your list just to those Pokemon if your club is about Legendaries :)
    Hi there! Before I can approve your Legendary Pokemon group, I do ask that you make a change to it. You currently have it so that each member can choose only one of the remaining Pokemon, but what happens when there aren't any Pokemon left? No more members could join D: If you'll change this, I'll approve the group. :)
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