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  • Hey Meowth. I hope you've been well, I was actually just scrolling through some of your threads and I stumbled upon your hack, Mewtwo strikes back as well as the essentials version of it. I just want to say thanks for all the memories you gave me when I was in school. When I played them as a kid, I found myself immersing myself in them, I've always been a sucker for remakes and yours triumphed over the several I played during that era.
    I seriously had a nostalgia rush when I went through both those threads. You were actually my inspiration to get into ROM Hacking, and while I didn't succeed in grasping any of it outside the advance trainer and starter editors, my friends and I had a wonderful time experimenting. I don't know if you will remember me, but I Pm'd you on my older account when I finished the battle tower in Mewtwo strikes back where the battle head said "PM me if you reached here!" Or something along those lines.

    Sorry if I sounded really sentimental while typing this out. I just felt it was necessary to thank those who made my childhood and early teens very memorable. I wish you luck in everything you do!

    - Inner Rhymes.
    I have fallen in love with your Zelda hack and hope, beg and pray that you will continue with the project. You are a genius
    Hello Danno. I have streamed your FireRed hack called "Zelda Sacred Paradox" . I do not know what would be a glitch or what not in your game, so if you need extra footage to figure out what works and what does not though normal gameplay then you can watch the prerecorded-livestream. I like your game, and will be looking forward to the next installment. Have a nice day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ETyND1ryEI
    Happy birthday!
    I'll be looking forward to it for sure. After all, I did enjoy your hack and game when i was a child. Thank you for those memories.
    hi mate,i was wondering if u know anything about world map hacking in fire red,i need help pls....! :/
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