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    thanks. wow it has been super long since i have been on here. I still have my Mac computer. I gave up on making a hacked rom. But that is because you have to have windows computer to do much. I hope to get a windows computer shortly. I have been so busy with school and stuff. getting new job, etc.
    hey dante i have a problem from your game pokemon crono beta 2 i download it in your given links and i change the save types from flash 64k to flash 128 k but still it is always a white screen i try it a lot of times but it is always a white screen . please help me sorry for the wrong grammar ....
    Ciao Dante,
    mi piacerebbe giocare alla tua vecchia rom "Pokemon Crono",ma non ne esiste una in italiano dopo la chiusura di megaupload.
    Ti chiedo quindi di "uploadarla" in un altro sito.
    Ti prego di rispondermi al piu presto.
    umm dante i would like to make my own rom. base:ruby and would like to add unova pokemon sooo if you ever have free time could you help me make it. send me a message saying yes or no. im asking because i just loved pokemon crono cant wait till beta3. youre the best hacker you and your friends.
    Pokemon Crono is going to be Amazing if you complete it, I await for it. And a suggestion for motivation. You could sell it if you want, I'm pretty sure there alot of people that would buy this hack, especially with all those custom pokemon
    Are you still making a beta 3? I heard you stopped for something else :O Pleaaaase finish it!! I know youre probably busy and all but crono was seriously the most amazing hack I loved everything about it.
    Hey, I have a few questions which you probably get all the time, and for that I apologize.
    First off, I got Pokemon Crono Beta 2 to work, up until the second dream whereas after which you wake up and it's night. I can't talk to my pillow to go back to sleep. When I finally gave up on this I tried finding another working copy of the game. I found a few translated from spanish, and tried to patch them in using LIPS, which only resulted in a white screen, no matter which emulator I used (I even switched the setting on Visual Boy) So I'm stuck there. What I need help with is this:
    1) I need to figure out how to play this game (get it running smoothly)
    2) What I'm doing wrong
    Thanks so so much for creating this game. It's magical.
    Also, when is Crono EX coming out?
    Thanks again.
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