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  • Played plenty of fangames, Byakuren is Byakubased, and fuckin Eternal Meek makes my small brain have a seizure before taking my life/bomb.
    You sure about that? PokéCommunity is pretty serious on copying off each other's work without permission.
    I don't have one. Maybe you can find a cheat code that unlocks the full National Dex on Google or something.
    I honestly don't remember. You can get one as a reward for completing a side chapter in Cinnabar Mansion I think(?) and then check its Summary Screen.
    Sure thing. It's better to ask him for this sort of matters instead of me in fact, since there isn't much I can do about anything concerning the development of the hack or anything involving the administration of the Discord server (including things like making invitations).
    Don't ask me to add anything to the hack. Aethestode is the only one who adds or removes content.

    As for the Discord invite, I'd give you one, but he explicitly asked me a while ago to delete it from the thread and not invite anyone else around here.
    I didn't ask why, but I suppose it's a consequence of trolls invading the server every now and then.
    Can you please go and read the title of the thread? Specially the last 3 words which are inside brackets?
    Thanks :^)

    Okay, joke aside, I do appreciate that. Thanks ^^
    I do want to ask you something, yes. Go and read the title of the thread, specially the last 3 words, the ones inside brackets.
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