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Dark Azelf
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    Hey, check your pm. I gotta tell you something.
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    Dark Azelf
    Dark Azelf
    Dark Azelf
    So as i said, when you're ready to start engaging with me with some basic human decency, you know where i am. Hint: doing what you're doing currently aint it
    I miss PC life back then, but I was also miserable living under my parent's roof. We just need to loop in all the old facts and have a reunion of sorts. You're in charge of that lol
    Sorry, I didn't notice your message. I thought I had set up email notifications, but it appears that can't be done for "conversation" messages.

    I'll be back in about 6 hours and good to go then, if you are.

    If you can PM me, I'll definitely get an email. PC Showdown server seems broken. Shall we go on Smogon main instead?
    Hi D_A, its been a while!

    It seems we are matched for round 1. I'll catch you over the next day or so.
    Oh man.. i was literally locked out of my account for years until I found the password super buried in my emails XD
    5 Water weaks + Vaporeon/<something not water weak> is not a good team either.
    I'm trying to think of things to make it more active :( possibly going to form a tournament committee or something. I really want a new gen to drop people are bored to death of usum lol
    at some point it's very likely but no anytime soon, too much to do at work and more importantly backlogged on trips, some old students of mine will be graduating and i owe a friend a trip to shenandoah
    I dunno. Change of scenery I reckon. It's not so bad. I mean it's cold and grey and wet and the food is kinda bland. I live out in Cambridge so it's at least nice to look at. Also it's really inexpensive to travel to Europe or anywhere really from London.
    Doin well. I live in England now. I play LC cause I got bored and it's kind of fun. Noticed a lot of the old users are gone. :(
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