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Dark Azelf
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  • have played zero pokemon except rng breeding for a claydol. certainly no competitive. though i have used the game as a springboard for programming personal projects...i actually turned my old battle frontier thread into a web interface, because why not. i'm sure you'd appreciate the irony that, yes, this requires a lot of css, and i've gotten pretty good at it. fml lol.

    also, accepted a job over xmas and get my first paycheck in a few days. and thank God, because my parents paying my rent at 25 was embarrassing.
    hopefully it will be back up today or tomorrow :( when pc went down for a few days the server did too and we are working on restoring it!
    i'm preparing to get a job in tech...stressful, but feels good to aim for an income bracket below the poverty line.

    youre still playing pokemon? i assumed that shit got too cancerous by now
    we were planning to reveal it yesterday on commday but we had technical issues getting the server updated. PLANNING to have it revealed this saturday though
    ohh lmao i just realized the font i use is all caps
    pc had a complete server move and as a result the server died 8(

    we are working to get it back up though(hopefully soon lol)

    also we are going to be putting up a new league soon if you are interested in checking it out. it is a gym league
    Lol remember when we all used to make gross things on MSN

    I remember u used to say "tsk is here. Restart imo"lmao
    you burned me, you must feel so accomplished in life now.
    So many servers have some bullshit rules like not even being able to mention something political. Having to keep literally everything you say PG is fucking ghey. I'll want to try out some of the new gen mons in OU but I'll do that on the main PS server, if I get into it more I'll probably end up trying to find somewhere decent as well tbh.
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