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  • i'm getting sleepy. i wanna rest soon. sleeping gets hard for me nowdays....rather not talk of why though kinda personal. i'm glad korrina helps me like who i am more now tho :3
    Thats awesome :3 I used to use pikachu a lot as a teenager when i was into ash ketchum. I even used to have a pikachu themed forum.
    You should name your Riolu after Riley ;)

    I want to name one after Korrina myself. I ended up naming a Sylveon after her and needing to use the name 'Kori-San' on my gift kario on y lol i think a female luk would make a more suted 'korrina' anyways :P
    Awesome. I like luk's movie too. May's dress was also super pretty in it :D i wish i was may in that movie dancing with a certain roller skating gym leader lol
    Lets talk happy stuff now if possible :3 So, who is your favorite pokemon and why? i love lukario, he's korrina's signature mon :D and he's a dog and he's awesome and he's from sinnoh and sinnoh has a good fandom imo
    Thank you. I also had a hard life, its part of why i have low tollerence for sad stuff now....(up till the day i fell in love with korrina i had major depression and hated myself everyday. it was traumatizing...)
    Its fine, i forgive you. I guess i should of stated from the start how little i tollerate negativity xD; so yeah how else were you to know...

    You're still allowed to post happy stuff if you want though :)

    also my life irl has got pretty rough so its made me even more irritable
    PLEASE delete your post about your parents and their homophobia from my korrina club. It triggered my autism and made me super mad at you (also i edited my club rules to state that i don't put up with hearing about homophobia, it really triggers my autism and makes me feel hateful....so please remove that post okay? it'll make me very happy that you do)
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