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  • hey, nice pfp! I saw ur thread when you mentioned having depression, you don't know me but I hope you're doing a lil better at least!
    Hello there Dave! I wanted to wish an old friend a Happy Diwali. I hope that you and your loved ones had a wonderful festival of lights, and receive many blessings this season.


    Hello Dave,
    I take my time getting to know others, so we will see if I make friends or not. I'm not desperate to make friendships if it happens it happens then, that's my motto. I'm a very cautious person when speaking to others since I can read others extremely well, due to bad, extreme traumaticlly and disappointment from people I tried to be friend over the years. Let's put it as I don't trust people since I always get hurt in some way by them. I'm not like the rest of society today and just up and says we're friends just like that be.

    In concluding I like to take my time with people, even if it's a very slow process. As for questions for you at this time I don't really have any I can think of, apologies. However I can ask you how are you doing today? I hope good , healthy and staying safe of coarse.

    P.S. Yes, I am new here however not with Pokémon. I loved it very much as a kid growing up , now I'm slowly getting back into it once more. I'm totally ecstatic that they re made Pokémon Snap I'm definitely going buy it when its released. As for the trading cards for Pokémon I'll slowly start to re collect them, as well find the Japanese versions as well hopefully.
    haha all good my guy. hope you crushed it!

    and hey, i'm a noob CSS coder myself, i just do a LOT of research lol. what kind of flair design are you looking to have though? elements you wanna put on? fonts you like? design inspirations? i can help conceptualize in that department hehe

    my sched is indeed stressful at times yes, but it's nothing much to worry about, it's just like everybody in their work lives really haha. i haven't made Youtube videos in like 6 months though bcs of my extended hiatus on that site :p

    i'm sure you'll find someone! don't ever let a rejection stop you from approaching others. i got rejected maybe thrice or so before i found the love of my life, and for sure others have been rejected WAY more than that and still keep trying. you're a pretty dapper lad Red Skull, trust me just be yourself and take risks. you never know where that may get you in life ;)
    what's up bro just realized you just got the Community Supporter status. that's awesome! if ever you need help with some basic flair design help, i might be able to lend a hand with the research i've done hehe :)
    hey man, thanks for the comment on the face pic! just replying to it here bcs i wouldn't wanna derail that thread and get in trouble hehe.

    my real name's Aaron anyway and I got Roni from the shortened version of my now defunct Youtube channel, The Roniverse (been too busy with life to make new videos).

    i appreciate the comment on my smile too :D always been ever so somewhat insecure about it bcs my gums flare up way too much lol. been learning to love myself slowly but surely through the years tho.

    and yeah the gf is doing fine right now :) we're both pretty stressed out with the barrage of projects and work and whatnot, but we're surviving together. love her to bits. do you have a special someone in your life?
    btw if you see any threads in the wrong place or any rule-breaking posts, we have a report system and you can use that. Should be a trio of dots on the lower right of every post and when you click on that it should bring up the option to report posts.
    Thank you, but I don't wish harm on anyone, I'm not one for revenge. I won't stoop to their level and Revenge gives you nothing in the long run.
    Other than the starter, I would most likely have the mareep or shinx line, who would hold a type-damage boosting item or something for stat boosting. Other members would include the starly line, the gastly line, the sandile line, and an eevee that becomes slyveon. I don't really know if this team will work though.
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