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  • Dude... I cannot get past the pokemon 3 Guards at the HQ. I have double checked that I am using the latest version... i repatched an older file. what do i do?
    I was hoping you could help me, originally I downloaded the game on coolrom from my iphone and I could not make it to dragon village because the maps had barriers that prevented me from going further. I then decided to follow your youtube video, I downloaded the game got it to work and transferred my save state, however I am still unable to get to dragon village, I could also tell that I patched it correctly because hero's village is different than it was before in the other version I played. I would really appreciate if you could help me. I can post screen shots if youd like.
    Hey i just beat the hq and finished the main stoty, but my post game didnt start, anything you can help me with?
    Hi, I as well am appearing to have the glitch with the text box after catching/defeating the Grass/Dragon type Salamence in Pokemon Advanced Adventure. I apologize if you're receiving a bunch of messages with this issue, I just was wondering if you have patched/are going to patch this glitch. Thank you!
    Hey i don't know if this still gets checked but I'm having trouble with this game. It's very fun and I've been playin the living **** out of it but in the village of dragons I'm having a freezing issue with salamance. After catching/defeating him and it tells you go back to the guy in the village it freezes on the last text box. I've tried 5 different way same result. originally catching him before gym battle then defeating him, next I went and defeated the gym leader and went back and did bot again same result... So then I tried going to the next town and I have to have both done :/ ....please help I'm not jail broken have no intention of doing so I have an iPhone 4 and would like to finish the game
    Ayo DBZ bro, I haven't talked to you since Advanced Adventure finished and I'm hoping the LEt's Play brought some good attention to the hack. If you're in the works for another hack lemme know bro!
    hay guys im new i just wanne know where kan i get a link to download pokemon advanced adventures for my android emulator plz help
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