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  • good luck to you c: I hope you graduate

    I think mostly on Switch, ps4/5 and PC. Those are the most popular platforms currently so it only makes sense that Bandai Namco decided on those platforms.

    You do music production? :o that's really cool
    Not much :p Still trying to graduate, got back to playing Final fantasy XIV annddd... waiting for a new Tales title x'D they better announce a new title at talesfest this year. What have you been up to?
    It is your theme apparently xD i can't fix it

    I say that because in my opinion, it was. It was one of the first cosplays I made by myself and it didn't look good xD

    I love them all tbh but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Berseria or the abyss because of nostalgia reasons. Berseria just had a mighty strong good story. Then again... I really like Xillia and Xillia 2 too... xD

    I kinda chose it because I've always been busy with computers and such. It it kind of a hobby for me so I figured I might make it my occupation then.
    Okay i kinda thought that was your theme :o gonna see if I can change that because it kinda hurts my eyes lel.

    I already cosplayed Lucina but that was like... my first ever made cosplay and it looked horrible... and I did cosplay shinon too indeed. If you're interested you could search on FB for Surelia. I'm currently making Rose Armatus version from Tales of Zestiria :)

    Haha I will think about it. It will take me some years until I actually get the job probably. My country is weird when it comes to degrees. Even when you get a certain degree you still have to start from the bottem before you get at the position you actually studied for. But oh well.

    That's great~! So you have your very own place now? That's pretty decent!
    is it red with pink? because that's what it's supposed to be hahahah

    I do cosplay, yes :) 4 years ago someone brought me to a convention and I've been interested in it ever since. I do college actually :'D I'm studying to become an IT manager.

    How have you been doing?
    I can't see my own color tbh. I just randomly pressed things and was like "okay this looks okayish" x'D

    and sure! What kind on general questions though? haha
    Haha that's fine but for now I'm poking around to see if I can learn a thing or two :) it's been a while since I've been here so I have to get used to all the new stuff. I'm busy but I should be able to join RP's again and stuff. I'll see what happens~ And nawww
    Omg. You are officially an artist! Haha. Yeah, I think you've visited many profiles already so you must have forgotten ^^ How are you doing?
    I played IMAGINE once. For a short time. A very short time. Well, a day, specifically. It wasn't because I didn't like it, though; it had a lot of potential and the idea of bringing Shin Megami Tensei to the MMO front without diminishing what made it SMT was just amazing to me. Especially since it worked in practice. I'd probably play it again, I really only stopped because I was kind of tired of the standard MMO formula by that point, but it certainly put a spin on it.

    Also, yeah, everyone's supposed to be in the gym but Terra has some stuff to attend to. He'll be there, though (for character and story reasons) he needs to take care of some things at the dorm, first.
    Oh, well I just asked if I could have Terra join in on your conversation with Yamagi and Saph's characters, though I hadn't seen you in the OOC in a while. Worse, I still haven't posted yet, though I'll probably do that today...if you're fine with Terra joining in, at least.

    And yeah, I'm a big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series. I'm a bit standard in that my favorite game in the franchise is Persona 4, but I love the main series and Devil Survivor as well. The idea of digitally summoning demons is just the craziest idea to me, and the manner that it's done in the various SMT game- regardless of which one- is always well done and at times thought provoking. Plus, the games are just plain fun :p
    Dunno to be honest, I just finished rewatching season 2, so I haven't started on the manga yet.
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