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  • Hey, dcj. Your posts have been pretty sporadic. Is everything alright?
    .................................Kay, what? Was that a Bubblebeam attack? X-Ray used Dive. Dive=Underwater one turn, jump up and attack the next turn. Like a watery tackle. Water equivalent of Dig, really.
    Suhweeeeet. Thanks. It's not an issue obviously, I just get antsy. I lurv this roleplay, and I'm used to a much faster pace. Don't inconvenience yourself for me or the RP :P go at your own pace
    --Just letting you know, here. Dunno if you've gone offline or didn't notice, but I posted my move. Your attack struck, and Boo is attacking naow.
    Posted again. You can start off our battle by sending out your first Pokemon if you wish, or I can send out MY first. Whoever sends theirs out first will be the first to attack--as soon as the opposing Pokemon is OUT and ready, of course. Sound good?
    Alright, well, I posted again. Pretty much beelined for your Wyatt, but hey, whatever. XD BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE.
    Uhhh, look at my above posts :P he left to go heal his Pokemon, and then went to Suicune dorm. You COULD follow him (heheheh), I would be happy to have him battle you/interact with your character. (Well, we'd have to battle outside, but...)
    Sure, but I'll have to work on the post in which he arrives at the island. He has to finish moving in his new beach house :P
    There was a post made on this by Megaman765. You've got to read the OOC thread. o3o

    I'm adept in the sense that I have a much higher understanding of the English language than most that don't study it and perhaps some that do.
    Eh..? What makes you think I moved? o.O;

    Regardless, I have, but I've always lifted in the East Coast of the USA, just in varying locations on it.
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