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  • Hi partner,

    your up-to-date spreadsheet for Monotype Challenge seems to miss my Ultimate Dragon run. I haven't started it yet, but I signed up for it.

    Oh and good work with the spreadsheet. I don't think I would have a nerve to put it together.
    Alright, that sounds good, thank you for the reply :3 Might be an odd question from an inactive user but it's just because I was going to start doing a bunch of challenges again, try get more active, especially with monotype
    Heyo, I was just wondering if it's possible to get a new OP for the monotype challenge thread since it hasn't been edited for aeons or if something equally effective was doable. Thanks~
    Last one to move for Round 6 ;). Caite finished off Karrablast so you're free to move north. Cuddles locked down the Ghost with Whirlpool so it will fall in time, leaving just Lombre on the lake and the 3 minions. I think we'll take two of the three minions down in Round 7, although I think we'll lose Coral during Enemy Phase.
    Oh ok so it's like a team thing, like whoever has the most points gets it

    I'll probably be able to get CRUSHING victories for Koko I'm practically a pro at MK8 ex

    Oh one more thing, is the race a vs race, and if so, are thee going to be additional effects, like frantic items, hard COM, and whatnot?
    Yeah youre probably right, I don't care much for them anyway...

    Also if you get a high place in a race, say you make first, would that get you a flyinium Z, or is it how many times you win?

    I added you as a friend on the switch just now btw, I posted my username and time zone in the thread, so there's that XD
    Oh, i see. He was part of lake valor's kin, and I was banned from there a loooong time ago, so I needed to see about that...

    Anyway now I have some inquiries about MK8 DX. Wouldn't inviting your pals be cheating since they aren't on a team? And are you going to calculate the results like Judd does in splatoon 2? All by yourself?
    Round 5 now live. I recommend you go after Gothita with Pursuit(either N3 or M2, your call. I suggest M2 for Tall Grass). Karrablast ought to be taken care of by me and Priscilla. I'll be mildly surprised if it's still standing as it'd earn the Tough little Bug award.

    Anyways, lmk what you think.
    So you and Black are the last two left to move. You have a couple options. Option#1 is to move to K14 to grab an item or you can move south to M8 and give cover not only to Rinnia but also to be in range of attacking one of the new enemies that spawned to our South. Its your call ultimately.

    *Edit* Might have you sprint down to K5. I know its a bit much but it blocks Salandit-C from attacking Rinnia with Poison while also preventing it from using it as a spot to hit Mags with Ember. It'd also put you position to attack someone in Round 5 and you're pretty safe from any Bug Type moves thanks to the tree unless Karrablast or Nuzleaf knows a Rn 2 or 3 move that can hit you. Gothita can't because Dark is immune to Psychic and Yungoos is too far away to even consider you as a target.

    The way I see Enemy phase going down though is that Lycan is going to hit Mags hard(possibly even fainting her unles Black OHKO's Gothita with Fury Cutter this turn). Black will also be hit hard because he's a major threat to Nuzleaf(x4 with Fury Cutter). Won't be on Thursday but hopefully we can move and get Round 5 started soon :)
    Not sure what you want to do in FTE but with Meta vacating K14 and the addition of two Ghost Types to our NW means I'd move to K14 and pick-up the item there before making my way towards those Ghosts. While there's a new group that spawned to our South, new Allies and tactics will likely lead to our triumph.

    The ability for those Ghosts to be able to move virtually anywhere though troubles me. I'd make those a priority for your Pokemon.
    *Friendly Poke* Last one to move for FTE. Mercy is moving up next to the tree while Krakanos is covering Cuddles. As I said last night, L12 would put you in position to do something in Round 4(depending on what Gamemaster does).
    Recommend moving to L12. Puts you in position for Round 4 action against potentially Drowzee(although it depends on what Gamemaster does).
    Last one to move in Fire Type Emblem. Patrat, Skorupi, Mankey and Alolan Rattata are gone so... you can pretty much do w/e you want lol.
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