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  • Greetings, the deadline to play for the PU tour is tomorrow. Would you like to play tomorrow at 1:00pm?
    Greetings, we are paired for the PU tournament Finals and i would like to know when you are available to play? i am free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12:40pm -2:00pm Gmt-4
    Sorry. I forgot to battle. You can have the win.
    I can fight on Saturday at 4:00 P.M. EST.
    I can fight on Friday at 4:00 P.M. EST.
    Also not to spam your visitor board but an independent developer has been working on an OoT remake on the Unreal Engine. He has videos posted on Youtube detailing his progress and I must say he's come a long way over 3 years. If Nintendo were to actually make that remake a reality, it might settle the debate as to which Zelda game was the best. I certainly don't have a Computer that would be able to run it and Nintendo doesn't offer a console with the power to run it. Maybe the Switch but honestly the latest XBox model tailored to 4k UHD that just came out would be ideal for something like that.

    Makes me wonder why people haven't made independent Zelda titles like "Legend of Tetra" or "Legend of Hilda" with Ravio as the main heroine. The latter would sell like hotcakes I think based on A Link Between Worlds popularity.

    Btw, you try out the April Foolish challenge? Nearly done with mine on Yellow. Will be posting an update tomorrow after defeating Sabrina.
    Well I like Classical music and Zelda franchise has always used classical music to great effect. In fact, the OST for any particular title is excellent. Only titles I've played are A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. I've always wanted to play Windwaker(simply because its an underrated title with an awesome soundtrack) and A Link Between Worlds(Link to the Past remake but who cares. Best Zelda Lullaby theme imo though).
    Current avatar and signature makes me want to play Windwaker(even though I have no means of doing so). Never played Windwaker either so it'd be a new experience compared to OoT or other older Zelda games.
    looks like it's you vs me in the hoenn random, lmk on here or discord when you're ready <3
    One idea I've had with regards to picking Pokemon is looking at Ash's Pokemon and the Pokemon of all his Companions. If that doesn't add up to 64, then you add in rivals such as Paul, Trip and Gary(Gary's Umbreon would be sick, although Gladion's....). Then to determine winners you use a six sided die and roll as many times as needed to score three hits. If there are no advantages or each Pokemon has a Type Advantage over the other(like Brock's Steelix vs. Kiawe's Turtonator), then each Pokemon gets an equal amount of numbers on the die. If one Pokemon has the advantage, then they get 4 numbers as opposed to just three. You then roll until one Pokemon acquired 3 successful hits(a hit being that their number rolls up). In other words, it's best of five or first to three wins. I mean you could do a popularity contest to determine winners(which would be an outright headache to carry out or determine a winner) or simply have people try and guess the outcome before rolling.

    Another idea is to do Attack&Save(aka Great Pokemon Battle) for each matchup(you know... the popular game here on the Forum). Should a Pokemon faint, it loses and the winner moves on. Conversely if a Pokemon hits 60 through being saved, it automatically wins. Think of it like a Pokemon Contest Battle where fainting the Pokemon isn't the key to victory. Type advantage would have double the effect for an Attack to help speed things up.

    Oh and one more thing. I'm tempted to start one while giving you credit for the inspiration.
    Interesting that there is a March Madness Contest. Might partake but odds are I won't since Basketball isn't my thing. Curious though as to whether anyone has thought about holding a similar thing but Pokemon themed. Namely you pick 64 random Pokemon from the National Dex, seed them 1-16 in the following 4 regions: Kanto/Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova with the Final 4/Championship taking place in Kalos. The only issues I can see are determining the 64 Pokemon and who wins. Obviously type advantages ought to play a big role but like the Anime has taught us, type advantage only matters if it suits the writers(otherwise Ash wins that Kalos League..... *Screams bloody murder*). Good luck with the Tournament.
    It's weird that the last time a new TCG mod promotion happened was 7 years ago... that's how long Don held the position. Hopefully you can be a great successor to him!
    Sorry! KG requested to battle Shawn.

    Does Saturday at 3:00 PM work for you? I have the same availability and time zone.
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