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  • Hey ! Sure I am, sorry I was slow to reply, I'm really feeling bad today. I'll just fetch your 'mon from the Pokebank first
    Hey great timing, I am at the plaza now, just finished trading with someone, just send me a request =)
    I can trade right now, and I am available pretty much all day, I will be waiting at festival plaza :)
    Okay, I just need to have it show me that you added me so I can actually see you in friend list when I am online, else it will show you as a passerby

    My timezone is GMT -3, I think I might be able to trade you in the morning (for you) as I stay up till late at night, and doesn't seem like you added me yet so here is my FC : 0834-3641-1029 and IGN : Max
    Hey drop me a PM, I don't mind cloning for you, I have some feedback in my trade reviews about it too. :)
    Ooooh... should have known that earlier xD I'll edit my thread to mark them as semi-redist. whenever I can.

    Haha no problem. xD
    Hey ! Just saw that you wrote your 'mon are semi-redistribuable, which I wasn't aware of before D: what do you mean by that exactly? :o
    Omfg I would have raged so hard... xD RNGesus sure is having fun with you huh? xD
    Ah that is good news :p Ans that sounds good *gives some of my luck* There, let's hope RNGeesus won't hate you as much xD
    xD Well congrats :p it better have what you were trying to get ! And good luck ! (Though you used your luck up xD)
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