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  • hey there, just a friendly reminder not to forget to add into the joint post!
    Hey I figured I'd give you a bit of info, because in the last post by Greiger with Penance, he asks Alexis what he's heard from Valkaria. Since it's possible he teleported a bit after the rest of the group, he should have a bit of the updated story.

    Valkarian forces have temporarily pushed all of Darkrai's forces from Gold City. The fight goes on but they're holding for now, with one Network Point remaining active under Valkarian control. However, it was also rumored that attacks have begun on the other cities in Valkaria as well.
    Hey, do you still need some time writing your bit in the forest pad? Need any help?
    Hey there! Heads up that in your last add into the pad, it's actually not known by people in Valkaria that the Morrians are attacking Tollen. Since the country's been closed off. If you could change that, that'd be cool.
    Lol me and nathan are still working, how bout we all end up leaving, then we all have a post showing what they did leading up to the meet up, and then make another jp
    I know it's been a while, but I promised you that I would let you know if Odyssey would have any spots available. A few people have dropped out so if you're still interested, feel free to apply!
    Okay, cool.

    Ooooh right, you can't look at VMs like posts. Duh. Forgot about that. It won't allow me to use the code tag in VMs, so I'll have to PM it to you.
    Ah, that would make sense, lol. I only know what I've scrounged from around the interwebz.

    Sure. I kind of gave up and opted for a scroll box, but perhaps the nav-bar would still look better. Not sure if my image is large enough, though. It's my current sig image, and all of the links in it.
    So I'm trying to make my signature pretty but I suck at CSS. ;n;

    how'd you do the navigation bar thingy in your sig? the things I try don't work properly and break and just look ugly *cries*
    Hey dude. Thanks for your interest! Sorry to say at the moment we're all filled up, but if we do get any spots available in the future, I'll let you know!
    Your Keystones app was awesome. I'm not even sure whether or not my character would like yours, or label him a brute. You're forgetting something in that SU of yours though, gotta read those front page rules again. Just a heads up.
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