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  • Hey, glad you're enjoying it! And nope, no plans for any more hacks! It's one and done for me haha
    Okay :)
    For me, life is good in general. I have yet to graduate, but I'm planning to finish my studies late this year. Been doing part-time work in a certain IT company for a few years, and I'll probably continue there as full-time software developer after graduation. Might take a look at other companies too though, and what they would have to offer that this one does not.

    Not married, and not having a girlfriend at the moment either. But I don't see why my relationship status couldn't change sometime this year :)
    Also, if you're interested, I made a second, and corrected version of one of my other hacks, which is Pokémon New Gold 2018.

    The IPS Patch is downloadable from the site, and I put it on Zophar.net too, but it is pending right now.

    Here is the site:


    I'm really proud of it, and it was necessary!

    All the informations are on the site's fisrt page. A walkthrough is there too!

    Enjoy! ;)
    Wouldn't be much of a deal really. I guess what really reveals my privacy is that I have uploaded several hacking tutorial videos in youtube where I talk and explain lots of different subjects related to rom hacking. I've been even thinking about using webcam for letting my followers know, who's the guy behind Dark Energy :) But haven't done that at least so far.

    I don't want to link my rom hacking related accounts to social media though. In that sense, I agree with what you just said here. But I'm not that precise about privacy, and don't really have a reason not to show others my face :)
    Sure, no big deal!
    Doing good alright :)

    Wanna chat more about something else rather than just having a short small talk? :)
    Hey.. Good question.. NO we do not.. we aren't big enough to warrant an office space yet.. maybe one day.
    Have you contacted him yet? :D

    Do you have EricGall23's contact information? I sent him a message on the Nuzlocke Forums, but he hasn't been on since July 19, 2016. I want him to code my hack of Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Darkness Falls. :D
    Oh yea! No worries!
    It'd be awesome if you can!
    Just anything u can do with a Mega Lucario and the text Pokémon Alpha Prime!
    And thanks!!! ^^
    Saw ur Banners for Ragnarok!!
    Wud u plz make some for My RomHack Pokemon Alpha Prime?
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