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  • Sorry for the late reply! That would be Judas#1213 — I had to look up what a discord tag was haha
    Hello, I went on your thread about the NSE bookmarks and went to download the file, but it says it's not available anymore.
    Okay just wanted to make sure that was the correct the thread. Once I finish the extensive list of ones I wanted to make. I will try and arrange all of these in the dimensions you suggested before.
    hey, thanks for the offer - If I decide to use HGSS OW sprites, I'll let you know. I would have to revamp my custom ones too, so I'll probably leave that for the polishing phase after I release the full game.
    If you guys are wondering that I am not active on Discord for a while, Don't worry. I am just busy with exams but I would be active on forums c:
    Help plis:


    /****** NEW GEN EXP SHARE + EGG EXP FIX *******
    ************** Ruby VERSION ********************
    Es necesario realizar las siguientes ediciones en el rom:
    - Ve a 0x080201E2 y escribe los bytes "02 21"
    - Ve a 0x08020336 y escribe los bytes "01 20"
    - Ve a 0x08020278 y escribe lo siguiente:
    "C0 46 00 4A 10 47 [XX+1 XX XX 08] 04 BC"
    siendo [XX+1 XX XX 08] el pointer permutado a esta rutina
    Es también importante recalcar que debéis escoger el flag que
    vais a utilizar para activar/desactivar la rutina.
    De la misma forma debéis escoger una variable que utilizará
    está rutina para almacenar un valor de control.
    Créditos a BluRose, Lunos and samus *********************

    .align 2

    ldr r0, [r5]
    mov r1, r0
    add r1, #0x53
    ldrb r0, [r1]

    push {r0-r2}
    ldr r0, flag_number
    ldr r2, flag_routine
    push {r1-r3}
    bl linker
    pop {r1-r3}
    cmp r0, #0x1
    bne routine_off
    pop {r0-r2}

    push {r3-r6}
    ldr r6, slot_var
    ldrb r3, [r6]
    ldr r4, is_egg_party
    mov r5, #0x64
    mul r5, r5, r3
    ldrb r4, [r4, r5]
    cmp r4, #0x6
    beq pokemonIsEgg
    mov r2, #0x1
    b update_slot

    mov r2, #0x0

    add r3, #0x1
    cmp r3, #0x6
    bne end
    mov r3, #0x0

    strh r3, [r6]
    pop {r3-r6}

    push {r2}
    ldr r2, return_dir
    bx r2

    pop {r0-r2}
    mov r2, #0x1
    and r2, r0
    b return

    bx r2

    .align 2
    .word 0x00000[XXX]
    .word 0x08069340 +1
    .word 0x02025280 + (0x400[X] * 2)
    .word 0x02022928 + 0x13
    .word 0x08020284 + 1

    The routine does not give experience when using movements like absorbs, mega drain or giga drain, in addition to giving experience without having the active flag, also I do not know if the var is the correct one.
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