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  • cool, current I just need ash all frame & Senera all frame Emerald OW, can you assist me to done it? I want to make Ash become Hero, and Serena is heroin.

    currently on a break from working on Pokemon Darkfire (doesn't have a thread on PC yet) which is a hack that I'm making with a friend of mine, and a second hack that I'm working on with Gamer2020. And on Liquid Crystal, but work has pretty much halted for that
    Yeah I'll definitely start to! Just want to say thanks so much for the OW help, without it the game wouldn't have the same aesthetic as it does now.
    I'll see... just because some of the OWs I would need to insert are not available. I'll insert more tommorow.
    Thanks for the advice though - if I ever needed a few OWs made, would you be able to do it for me?
    Yeah I haven't inserted all OWs yet, so probably will when I get the time. Although I'm going to keep some the same.
    Thank man :) But it isn't what i want. I want the script like win battle-> do something, lose battle -> not return to healplace, do something else. It's like when you battle Green when chose starter and you lose, you dont have to go back to heal play, you still go on and script still play
    One more reason to update it sooner, especially if there are other people to be credited.
    Will need to catch up with decomps first and need to make sure that all small bugs are fixed first.

    Unfortunately I haven't kept the files from back then. Also, credit my first thread since it has many OWs from there
    Fun fact for the little girl I was getting so bored that it was the last I ever made. But it was fun, I still remember the taste of nostalgia of playing Fire Red I was having while drawing these
    Hi, thanks for letting me know. Do you have OWs for DPPT? At the moment Im using my own OWs but it would be good mix it up a bit.
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