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  • Having re-read what I just said there, it looks like I'm kinda just saying. "Oh it was in all these places and you still didn't enter my friend code" and I'm letting you know that I didn't mean to seem like that at all. I only just posted ot here because I knew you would get the notification and check out the message I sent, and you wouldn't have to go off the page and onto my profile or into your pms to find my friend code.
    We can trade on Saturday. Also I'll just say now that you haven't registered my friend code yet. I know it says it under my name on the threads I've posted on and I'm pretty sure I've sent it in a pm as well, but just for convenience sake I'll post it here too: 2080-0496-2209
    I can't make any of those times on weekdays but I can trade at any time on the weekend. Will we trade at 10 pm your time?
    Hey again. If you're absolutely sure you want to give me another event pokemon, then I'll accept it, I have no problem with that, but there's no need to feel obligated to do so because your internet being a bit silly. If it was just something like "Oh I forgot" or something then I'd be more inclined to accept your offer, but the thing with your internet isn't your fault, and I understand that these things do happen. But having said that, if you still insist on giving me another event pokemon, then I'll accept it.
    That's kind of you but you don't have to add another pokemon. I'm still happy enough with just the Pikachu. Just message me once your internet is sorted
    hi, sorry for long time no reply at all. still interested with the shiny Tyranitar? if so, i have a little problem here. the thing is, i have an urgent event on my neighborhood this night. so, i would be 90 percent out on 8 PM. however, i can trade between 5-7 tonight. let me know whenever you are able to trade. thanks.
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