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  • Hello Devalue I don't know if you remember a girl named Leaf or Morika on here It's me I returned back to PC. I know back then we talked a little bit but I always remembered you and the kindness you've shown me back in 2021. I appreciated it quite a lot and always found you as a interesting person. I hope life while I was gone has treated you well and your doing great too now. Well I won't keep you I just wanted to say all that too you. Also if you don't remember me It's quite alright no worries I understand and respect you. Well please take care and see you around the forum.
    Waves. Remembers you. Recalls that you said you come off pretty strongly to others (or something to that effect). Owned a cat named Tac too. (Questions why that came so easily, given how much of a struggle real-life human names are.)

    Hopes you enjoy your time back here.
    I am so far enjoying PC and Tac was a name given at a animal shelter I adopted from. I liked it so kept it as his name, he knows it well when too curious. As for the first part you said perhaps though I'm a lot diffrent now as a person. If you wish to talk more feel free to message me privately. Please take care Devalue *waves back*
    Khalil Issa
    I thought about it for a bit, and decided that I should kindly tell you to remove the last paragraph from this post you made on my thread.

    I'm sorry if it's wrong to do something like this even though I'm trying to request it in the nicest way possible but… not only is the thread you linked was a couple of years old, but it's most certainly not what I had in mind to 'acess popularity'.

    What I had thought of as criteria for users to talk about unpopular mons they like was very simple: mons that the users have seen be considered bad but the users like them. I just feel like it's recommended for people to use their own sources, like them simply saying 'I've seen this mon get a lot of flack on this website/forum/webpage but I don't think they are that bad'.

    Well, that's just what I think anyway. So I deeply apologise if asking to remove something from a post is against the rules, but hey, I made that thread. I just generally reccomend the use of people's own sources, even if they only mention it. I just find that to be more creative.
    So again, I kindly suggest removing the link to the old popularity poll in your post, please. Thank you for your understanding and I hope everything is going fine where you are.
    Is not against the rules to ask.

    Fails to see the problem, though. Counts as a user too. Looked for a source of what was popular to determine if certain Pokemon counted or not when posting. Cited it, in case others thought [X] was popular. Put it forward as an option for others to use too, as a time-save. Neither required people to look at it nor held it up as the be-all and end-all ranking. Only covers the top 50 of Generations 1-8, after all, with probably no more than 20 voters.

    Could change it to something like "Personally used PokeCommunity's Top 50 Favorite Pokemon (from 2021) as a means of determining what was popular. Covers only a handful of opinions, though." Is that better?
    Seems better, but I think removing the link altogether sounds like the best option and if someone is curious enough to look it up for themselves, they can just search it up for themself. Again, I don't know why I feel this way but I imagined people using their own sources to post in the thread. That's just what I think. So yeah, I deeply apologise for the inconvenience, I hope everything is going okay.

    Describes life as going okay at the moment, also.
    My reply is in limbo because the limit for VM's in now 420 characters. There's also no way to hit "view conversation". I'm not feeling this. (the rest of the updates are just lovely though).
    Appears to have designed profile posts like social media statuses*. Likely never intended people to carry out much back-and-forth. Renamed private/direct messages to "conversations" too.

    *Presumably. Spent little time around the main social media hubs.
    It's increased to 1500 characters now. That's a little better. Still overall liked the old profile system. You nailed it about feeling like social media.
    I didn't realize how nice the new private message system was, so I might just send it there at some point. It's a huge improvement.
    Btw. I don't mind if you move a thread from my section that belongs in yours. :P
    I have returned.

    I found Pokemon White in a mall while christmas shopping for $25. I did not realize how much I lucked out with finding this purchase. If I remember correctly, Heart Gold/Soul Silver had been part of that too. Now knowing how hard those are to obtain, I should have picked those up instead.

    But speaking of Thousand Year Door, the price on retro games is going to depend on what you want out of them. If you want an unopened box or a manual, you are going to be paying a much higher price. If you only want a disc, you could probably save yourself quite a few dollars. Getting to play these old games is often an expensive task either route, and I see why emulation is so preferred. We had a retro game store nearby which has shut down. What a loss. You could find old consoles and then games for about $10 a piece. I'm guessing this wasn't profitable, or it couldn't compete with the nearby gamestop.

    I wouldn't mind the backtracking in TTYD chapter 4 if they provided a way to skip the enemies. The path gets so narrow and fighting without partners is not worth it. I think it's one of those chapters that suffers on a replay. Since you already know the plot twists and mystery which is what the chapter thrives on. Chapter 6 suffers in that regard too, although I like the atmosphere more on the train.

    Hot take: Chapter 6 is my favorite chapter in Paper Mario 64. Getting the sun back in the end is the most satisfying part in the game. I love the aesthetics of the chapter and slowly working my way through in what is overall a bunch of puzzles.
    I'm at such a loss. Both controllers gained the exact same issue at the exact same time. The console seems to be running fine. PS4 controllers are expensive. ($60-$70 price range per controller) and I'd rather not replace immediately if there's an alternative solution.

    There is a decent DS emulator on the app store called Drastic. Even on my lower end phone, it was running games phenomenally. It's a $4.99 payment, but honestly one of the best emulators I had ever come across. Might be worth looking into if you want. Otherwise, this laptop was left to us by another family member who was upgrading. My mother didn't want it (she has her own computer). It allows me full use.

    My neighbor paid $300 for a physical copy of Thousand Year Door. I last played it next door...around 2021, I estimate. The 'highs' exceeded the original N64 version. Chapter 3 and 6 were the highlights. The 'lows' are worse than the N64 version. Chapter 7 in particular felt like a slog. Overall, my preference of 64 comes down to level design. Thousand Year Door often felt like going down one long path followed by a dungeon. (Chapter 1, 4, 5, 7) all fell into this.

    I recently finished Mario Kart 8. Obtained 3 stars on all cups including 200 CC. I went online after and still got walloped. Guess it didn't improve my skill much, but I got some neat bonus title screens.
    I plan on obtaining 100% completion for Return to Dreamland Deluxe. (all energy spheres, gold on all challenge levels). I was not aware of the arena being present in this particular game. That was a dreadful curiosity :c But yes, I have played and finished Kirby Superstar using the switch online service. Rushed through the Great Cave, but I found the boss fights unique and fun.

    I had been wanting to play a switch game for a while. My PS4 controllers have both suddenly stopped working, so it finally enticed me to move over. Legend of Zelda requires longer sessions and focus, so I opted for Kirby. But no, I am not familiar with the Tales of Symphonia series.

    The computer is a mid-range gaming laptop from 2016 or so. It has 900 GB storage, so space currently is not an issue. It's running most games with full frame rate and consistency. Smash Melee has some stuttering issues. Have been playing Mario Party 4/Mario Baseball. They run perfectly.

    Paper Mario for Nintendo 64 is my favorite video game. I was born past the 90's, hence missing the entire era. However, I was gifted it on Wii Virtual Console for my 10th birthday. I adored it. Some day I would like to sit down and do a completion run. (all star pieces/badges).
    It's a shame nothing has been fixed. Asking for a functioning game isn't a heavy request. Happy for those who can still enjoy the product. I tried Kirby's Return to Dreamland last night and was impressed with everything. It's been a while since I've tried a mainline switch title, and the difference was night and day. I still love the pokemon franchise, but seems this generation was not for me. That's okay. There's always other stuff to play.

    Messed around a little with GameCube emulation on a secondary computer. The occasional remasters on the switch are nice, but I wish the original library wasn't so locked away.
    The worst is over, however thank you. And looking through this old exchange of messages, I was speaking about Generation 9 and said "Intend on replying to this when I finish".

    I haven't completed it. These are first mainline pokemon games I feel a lack of enjoyment from.

    It had less to do with a gameplay perspective - more so "I'm struggling to enjoy a game that feels unfinished". Frame drops, crashing, visual pop-outs, etc. Unless it's been fixed, I had no will to return.
    Wishing you luck with the arcade games this year!

    I had looked forward to this event, however I have fallen ill with a high fever. If it eases up I would love to patriciate, but as of now it's hard to do much of anything. Unfortunate timing.

    Nonetheless, I hope you do well.

    i was just updating my thread... that's all... 😯
    just wanted to say 🙂, cause i was a bit worried there....
    Hi! Just wanted to say I read your games log and I love it! So many games I have played that I didn't expect to see here, and some that I hadn't played that I think I might give it a try after reading through your logs. I liked your idea of trying to use forum members in Kingmaker too. It seems like a nice little tie-in. Anyway, please keep up the logs, I'll be reading along for sure! Thanks for the great stories :D
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