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  • Hey! If you're still logging in here, I'd like to put you to speed on something I discussed with other Xenoverse fans.

    I joined the unofficial Discord last night, and today the topic of partial or total replacement of the artwork came up (due to the E4/WeedleTeam rift potentially hurting the development of your mod). If it's an idea that appeals to you, I've got some ideas as regards the MC and friendly rival.
    1. First off, make it so that Alice-as-MC actually resembles her parents. It was really hard to play through the game and not think that there had been some... shenanigans going on in Versil and Clover's marriage. More like Green had probably cheated on Versil with Vanilla's father King Acacia. If Kay-as-MC resembles Silver more, maybe Alice-as-MC could resemble Green more.
    2. Make Kay-as-rival and Alice-as-rival look a little older to match their college age, and give them slightly altered designs to decrease their resemblance to Versil and Clover and reflect their new status. Alternatively, I was also thinking that you could even make Kay and Alice outright siblings (because let's face it, playing as Alice really gives off surprise incest vibes due to how much Kay resembles Versil), but I'm not sure how that could impact what you have already written for the plot.

    Again, this is based on some impressions I got from playing the games, and are just suggestions. Your call as to whether you consider them or not. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work!
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