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  • In fact, yes, but I do so, it will be far in the future, coz I have other projects before these, and since I don't know these regions very well, since I don't own these games, I will make researches on Internet to make them. I would like Gold Alola as well.

    For now, I remake an older project that I done back with Silver (the only one I made, and tne only one that I will make too), but don't exepct it to come this year, coz it will take lots of months, and right now, i'm making one with Red which i want to priorize now. There's also Gold Expert (another old game) that I will correct and improve, but don't look for it now, there's no web site, and i haven't publish it. I will publich it only when I will correct it, maybe only in 2024... Sorry... Time is precious and not always there...

    For the next ones, I was thinkign of Gold Hoenn, since I know this region very well (gen 3). I also planned one with Kanto-Sevii Islands, inspired from Fire Red. I have good memories of Gen 3.

    Thansk for your interest, and have a great day!

    Don't hesitate to play Gold, Sinnoh, Gold Unova, New Gold Era and Yellow Advanced. They're very cool, final and I'im proud of them all! They're very different as well! ;)
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