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    Are you still up for journey optional? you haven't made a single post and the rp is already on it's third week. I do plan on ending the roleplay after seven weeks like I said so if you still plan on continuing, you have 5 weeks to go. if you don't, i'd appreciate it if you can tell me soon.
    there's an open spot for journey optional: the early years
    would you still like to join and have your su judged? c:
    See how in the application on the original post there's a link to a list of natures and, next to that, a link to a list of characteristics, too? They're basically short phrases that describe a pokemon and relate to stats.
    Hey, are you still open to continue that Rainbows joint post? It's been a while since we've added to it and Art's waiting for a response from Robert.
    Hey, I might take a look later, then!

    Oh, Red/Blue with its handful of Pokemon that can single-handedly make all others obsolete...
    Writer's block can be a bitch. I try to use roleplaying to overcome it. Hopefully you can overcome yours!

    I believe my zone is EST. I always forget, lol

    Viva la Mexico! What type was your mono-run? I tried my hand at a SoulSilver Normal-type run but the sheer amount of grinding made me throw in the towel, though that was a while ago, so my patience might've improved a bit. I'm actually interested in doing an "ultimate" steel run one of these days.

    I'll definitely get to looking at the titanpad this afternoon!
    I can add to it/discuss it whenever I'm on, which is most times in the morning (where I am) and the afternoon/evening.

    From where I left off, with Art fooling around with his Pokemon, I'd expect Rob would reflect on what he saw and be drawn towards them somehow. I would (where I put "connection") also like him to recognize the sound of music, right before my first two paragraphs. That'd way there'd be a more seamless transition from your writing into mine, i'd think.
    Hey, awesome! I didn't even notice you made the ball ping automatically, lol. But it makes since, the Pidove was injured.

    Where do you want to start plotting out? I think, with Rob's recent capture, the post could start off with him, maybe be mostly from his perspective? But as for where, i'm down with either titanpad or Google Docs.
    Hey, read your latest Rainbows post. I liked the insight into Rob's experience with Pokemon! Glad someone else is into world-building like that. Since he ended on Route 22 with the capture attempt, would you still be up for a joint-post? Arthur would just be around training in the tall grass, he could draw Robert's attention to him once it's confirmed whether he snagged that Pidove.
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