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  • Hey i want to say i love your hack so far i play it on hard Mode and have to say that i cant beat brock because the Training with wild pokemon is so slow his onix is on lvl 20 and i habe to beat over 40 wild pokemon to get 1 lvl up pls fix that because the progress is very very slow
    Hello, I'm Edag.We want to translate your work into Chinese and spread it in China. Is that okay?
    Thank you for the excellent game! E de BR pra BR, mano... Tu arrasou demais. Obrigado de coração!
    Good day Sir, I am going to Vermilion from Cerulean City, but suddenly when I am almost at Vermilion the game was freeze, even tho I reset many times, if I walk to Vermilion it keep freezing. Pls help, I want to finish this awesome game. Thank you so much!
    Hey bro i just defeated the viridian gym and the dojo in chrono island and got a gible but i am not able to increase its level coz gym rematch are too overpowered for it and wild pokemon wont giv much xp and daycare is time consuming. Do you have a solution pls help
    Hello bro i encountered a bug when talking to the master of dojo in saffron city i hope you fix it my whole game got bugged ??????
    ufaa, tava quebrando a cabeça pra ver como que eu ia falar com voce em ingles mas acabei de ver q vc e brasileiro

    ai queria so avisar q p charizard shiny ta bugado, ele nao ta tendo animaçao de ataque, nas batalhas ele so da o dano e vlw nem se meche

    sua Room é muito boa mlk ta de parabéns paporeto
    Hello, and welcome to my pokecommunity's profile.
    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I got some things to say about me.
    I'm a Brazilian rom hacker and I love dubstep.

    I made a rework of Kanto also known as "Pokémon: Fire Red Extended version", available here in the forum.
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