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  • what's your interest as far as work/career goes, or are you just going where the wind takes you? =o
    aaa yes. if only we could loaf around and get paid for it! ....except i know that wouldn't be good for my mental health D8
    aw yeah, life is a survival game and it's soo tough sometimes. keep keeping on man
    good good! or well, decent enough. real busy but that's better than mindlessly sitting online like i used to yrs ago lol. how are you?? (b' ')b
    The first few chapters are posted! I couldn't leave them in the queue... I couldn't resist.
    That feeling when I find a slash fanfic about two evil team bosses that's somehow worse than the one I wrote.
    Well when the author's note goes from:
    All... of them... is a little much... but definitely comment on Attack of Mewtwo. You shouldn't miss that one!

    That would be awesome! 0_0 Let's pick some candidates for fics! Generally, I don't spork fics that are really long, so something like this is out, despite how horrific it is.
    I saw. :D Your blog looks really cool. Thank you so much for following us! Be sure to give Wing comments and requests--she feeds on them!
    And... it's "Bugsy." Hence the bug-type specialty. Although picturing him as an annoying bobcat is pretty interesting... lol.
    I'm glad you like the audio sporks! ^__^ I feel kind of awkward doing them because my voice is very high, but it's really fun to ham it up when recording. I'll record a pokemon next!

    On your points about the fanfiction:
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