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  • I've got about 100 hours in Cities Skylines myself. Fun but too time consuming. You like Neptunia?
    Haha typical adult. Finally can afford games, but no time to play them.

    Not a fan of Let's go. It's definitely only targeted to new fans of the franchise.

    Play any mobile games?
    Nice do you own normal switch or switch lite?

    I'm still on gen 7. I realized on my 3DS I only have 30 hrs or less on my gen 6 & 7 pokemon games before. Shame. Going to get it at least 50 before I buy a Switch and gen 8, otherwise I'm wasting too much XD
    Didn't know there were that many lol lessie

    Mm I'm into Yazawa Nico too

    Did you play Pokémon Sword?
    Ohh virtual Youtuber. KIZUNA Ai, who else?

    Love Live anime? Which character you like most
    Espeon' s one of your favourite Pokemon? O.o cool me too, along with Starmie

    How are you doing
    That sounds absolutely awful lol. Granted, probably not the worst I've seen.
    Unlike the show I actually got this round which is really good (at least ep 1 was).
    I mean, you could but I'd rather you didn't do anything traumatisingly, objectively bad lol
    These are my glossy Energy icons and hybrid Neo-Gym templates, but I don't require credit for my Pokémon resources. I wish they'd swapped out my character/badge, though (my fault for including it in the PSD).
    how have we never had an actual conversation in visitor messages? lmfao.


    Hahahah that's glorious! Especially considering the movie isn't even out for long yet and they already had a playmat with it XD
    it's had its claws in me since i was a kid i can never escape lol. i'm racking up on dugtrios though. thank god it's an easy pokemon to collect.
    don how do i always end up collecting pokemon cards again i will never get away lol
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