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    yaya we're going to be officially opening up the thread around the new year so you can post it then ^_^
    Oh true. I just want one that's easy to sleep with. ;w; I sleep with my plushies a lot... depending on my mood. I feel weird not having one to sleep with. ><
    Is that Nico in your avvy?! <3 If so, YAY! I love her so much. I also had the pleasure of meeting her english voice actor. She is such a sweet woman. She liked my tweet about my Ryuko plushie the year that I met her, and then I was able to show her who I was with Ryuko herself. <3
    Whoops uh yeah if you feel like it. Or you could take either suggestion I gave eevee. Sorry bout that
    ..Sorta. It's incomplete, though, so i'm not gonna link it. For what I want to watch, a 12 or 13 episode anime that is not categorized as horror (I'm a wuss) or is extremely graphic (in a nutshell, I'm fine with anime like Fate/Zero or shows like Castlevania but not things that can be worst than that) Also, no anime based on Fate.
    I found his channel again recently, pretty great to see/hear that he's still going strong.

    Watched Abunai, pretty sure I had seen it before. Only thing I can really say about it is that it was weird. Started the other short too and it was even more inappropriate than the other one, every episode is asking for lewds.
    Yeah, those should be fine. I vaguely remember watching the cgi sisters one years ago. I think a lot of shorts haven't gone onto my list because I marathon entire series whilst drunk and then just forget to add them.

    For the fluffy show you can have Nodame Cantabile. If you feel like something a bit more story driven you csn have Toward the Terra (I will offer this to people most months). If you're a bit short on time and would rather have something short and episodic you can have Hidamari Sketch.
    It's up to you. I've only watched sub, so can't say if one is better that the other.
    Okay, I wanted to give this one (for obvious reasons) to someone for a long time:

    The World God Only Knows

    It should be available on Crunchyroll.
    It's been years so I can't say for sure which was which, but I do think it was for the OVA, yeah. Maybe? Supposedly it was licensced by VIZ and, if it was. then there's a good chance that we did get it over here.

    Back then my library was where I got all of my manga, which I used to read a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised regardless. Didn't have the biggest selection but Tokyopop, Viz, and Shounen Jump were in pretty good supply.
    Oh sure, I actually read the beginning of this manga a few years back and I'd love to give the OVA a try.

    ...Still have memories of reading that in school when I was younger and being called a pervert for this one scene, and thinking back they probably didn't care because up to that point I was kinda known for reading things like Ranma 1/2 and the like in school.

    In Middle School.

    ...Memories. Best left forgotten- but yeah, I'm down.
    Honestly I'm fine with whatever, bro. I like exploring and trying things I normally wouldn't so you don't really need to be too picky.

    Motivating myself to watch, on the other hand, could be an issue, but I have ways to get past that.
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