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  • Hi! I should give you anime to watch this month. Do you have any MAL or should I just try and name one or two shows at random?
    ooh awesome, see I'd be more inclined to go if someone went with me but alas, none of my friends go to cons and if they do, it's never outside of where we live ; ;/ hope you have fun! take pictures of whatever you can/are permitted to <3
    yeah I've been reading about that. The plane ride from US to Japan is insanely long too so I hope those girls can find time to recuperate. I will root for them!! proud that they're finally doing shows in US tho <3 are you flying out or making a long drive over? haha
    probably not ): if all goes well I'll be in Japan late June...so I'll have plenty of lives to look forward to. either way I'm in NYC and their US concert is all the way in west coast so it's a a bit of a hassle to pay for the flight all the way on other side of country aaaa. wish i could go though
    Purple's a nice color :3 I like purple flowers too^^ Is purple your favorite color for flowers? ;3 Mine's pink or yellow. :)

    Awww alright thats fine. Whats some stuff you really like? :D
    Sheep is good at what s/he does! :D I may wanna make friends with that person sometime too^^ i've seen them post around a lot :)

    Also the purple of your profile is pretty^^

    Do you watch mlp?
    Would it be best to turn it into a weekly thing? Like, watch 7 episodes and then discuss it for a week, and then the next week watch 7 more?
    It's nothing like watamote. There's the odd bit of cringe comedy thrown in, especially in earlier episodes, but it's far from the focus.

    Sure, why not?
    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is available on Crunchyroll (at least via MAL) and I didn't see it on your list. Up for that?

    My own list is here
    You know, Lipstick Vogues recent threads got me thinking and an anime awards voting event thing could be fun for a&m.
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