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  • That's true, which is a little worrying. Honestly, the modern perception of WW2 in Germany and Japan could not be more different, which I see as a serious black mark for a country I otherwise think is pretty cool.
    That's also possible, but Japanese otaku have a surprising obsession with military paraphernalia, especially German.

    Chachamaru a best and I will fight anyone on this
    tbf Japanese polls tend to be crazily different from Western ones because their priorities and tastes for what makes a good character are so wildly divergent. For instance, the last several character polls for Majikoi have been dominated by a side character named Margit, who barely even warrants her own side route in the VN, just because she wears a military uniform.
    Ahhh, yes. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but whoever came up with that saying had clearly never met a fanbase after a popularity poll.

    I haven't had the opportunity to look at any new series, but I suspect it's probably pretty excellent.
    As long as you're okay with NicoMaki we have plenty to talk about. I don't know a whole lot about the series but from what I saw that ship is pretty damn cute.
    It's old as hell actually. I basically changed it to that a few days before I left over two years ago, so it's just a remnant of back then I'm afraid. Was never into Love Live in a big way, either, but the girls are top quality soooo

    Me too. Wish it would get another season but perhaps it was meant to be a one season wonder. It's definitely one of the best moe slice of life fluff shows out there
    Watched it as it aired lol. Just remembered how much I love Yukari, she was my icon for several months when it was airing.
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