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  • hey i see your post in the gaming section (your LoL post) and you asked about jungling...

    well...in my opinion i'll go for Shaco, since Udyr only has melee attacks and none of his attacks are ranged (stances, bleh). But at least shaco's E can slow (and is ranged), his W can fear and can clear jungling very quickly, and he has a flash-stealth. not to mention his ulti can really play mind games with the others (IF you don't have a buff or something on you lol). In order for Udyr to become viable, the enemies must be rather melee-ish, or Udyr won't do a thing to ranged units (most of the time). just my opinion. Jungle Yi's fun too, sometimes.
    I started when Kamigawa came out before Ravnica Block came out. (Aka my favorite sets in the whole game) And cool, you play (used) YGO too. Without MTG, you wouldn't have any of these TCGs out there. YGO is just a japanese version of it.

    Thats cool you been to the Grand Prix and I'm proud of you to motivate yourself. ^-^ Now enter the Pro Tour and you might see me there.
    You should have enough cards to fill out the mechanic in the set, then. It also seems to be a fairly balanced mechanic (not overpowered, since the creature has to land a hit on you in the first place, and some things ... you don't want to be hit by them even once). The keyword could probably be changed, though (Analyze brings up pictures of ... Deep Analysis, opposite Red on the color wheel). At the moment I feel like Lock On (or something like that) seems to be the type of word you want, but Lock On is too blunt and I have no other ideas as of right now. I'll report back if I think of something.

    If you ever add the cannon in I feel like it should cost only 2. : x
    Design space isn't too huge for counter-based things in general, I think; you either count the presence of counters or... count the number of counters. You should be good for 10-20 cards at least, however. I am actually a little confused as to which kinds of cards would have Analyze ... Could I have a permanent that utilizes crosshair counters?
    Protocol seems more White than Red, really... sharing abilities across the board is more of a white thing, community and so on, tribal lords not withstanding. Are all of the creatures of the block artifacts? If so, Machinate seems slightly redundant, and would probably be suited to simply being on an individual card (that places machinery/wire counters on things, perhaps?) - unless, of course, you're trying to manipulate your opponent's creatures, in which case it seems fine (very blue... manipulative), though I think the mana cost for the process of Machination could be lowered to 2 (so you aren't too mana-stretched early game).

    Drain seems a bit underpowered, but my opinion of it could change when I see the cards involved. It seems pretty black, though, and it should be pretty fine if the Drain cards are powerful enough / there is incentive for sacrificing so many creatures at once.
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