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Dr. Akimbo
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  • Hey man! Would you consider doing the english translation for Pokemon Golden Sun? It is one of the most authentic Pokemon Gold Remake... It has been there for ages and nobody has done the english translation for it. Since you did amazing translation work with Pokemon Vega, would you think about doing it for Pokemon Golden Sun... Keep up the good work! ������
    Hell Dr. Akimbo. Thanks for translating this game's for us. I'm so excited about procyon and deneb. It's not an abandoned project, is it?
    Hi Dr.Akimbo!

    Amazing work what you did at the vega roms! I love it!
    I also have some updated sprites and icons for you from Procyon/Deneb. Also the evolutions.
    If you want them i can send them to you for the vega rom.
    I like to hear from you :)

    Greeting Dursem


    Sorry for bothering you, above are the links of Pokémon Golden Sun which is a classical remake of GSC. Idk if you are keen of accepting requests, but I'm asking for a translation of this masterpiece (Shiny Gold, Liquid Crystal, Crystal Dust aren't even faithful much less completed). If not you, then I wouldn't know who else to find since I assume you're proficient in both languages and also in ROM Hacking to make this possible.
    Hello Akimbo, i have a question Altair/Sirius related. Could you do a "minus" patch for these versions? or know someone who could do it? thanks!
    Hey Akimbo, I know you've been getting a lot of requests here and there but if I may suggest, would you be willing to translate Pokémon Golden Sun? It's a completed Japanese GSC remake hack. It has its own custom remixes, sprites etc. It's probably the most authentic GSC remake out there from my eyes as it remains 100 faithful. I hope you do consider this. Thank you and have a great day/night ahead. :)
    Akimbo, do you plan to translate Procyon/Deneb once they're completed or something?
    I'm currently going through them in Japanese and even though I don't understand the dialogues for obvious reasons, I'm enjoying the nice fakemon, the godly OST and the pretty features like the toggleable running shoes or the HG/SS styled Pokédex.

    It'd be pretty freaking cool if you ported them to BPRE and translated them just like you did with Vega :)
    I am FraynSebas
    I want to translate Pokémon Vega English.
    Can i Translate the game? Could i have the permissions?
    Thanks for all.
    Hey, I appreciate the effort you put into Vega. Just wanted to know if you are working on Deneb/Procyon or if you know someone who is.
    Stuck on route 506 with the dugtrio? Looked up how to get past in a video where they went to the ranger on route 505 and he took them to help but when I talk to him I just get my pokemon healed? HELP!
    Dear Dr. Akimbo,,

    Can i ask you pretty big favor for Pokemon Vega Walkthrough after beating 6th Gym?
    Also The Walkthrough for aftergame events including the Sphere Ruins please?

    All Hail Dr. Akimbo

    Thank You
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