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  • That's true! =) Starting work after you've become adjusted to classes can seriously throw off your tempo, so it's good to prepare yourself beforehand! Kinda learned that the hard way over here, ahaha. xD

    I appreciate the encouragement! And yup, we're in it together! Let's both tackle down those silly classes and earn our degrees, yeah? :D :D :D
    Systems Design Engineering sounds like a very advanced field haha, but I'm confident that you can handle it! Best of luck with your classes! :D

    As for me, I'm technicallyyyyy studying Information Technology, but I kinda found out that computers aren't exactly my strong point... xD However! All isn't lost, because I'm hoping to branch off into some form of Web Design or Web Development. I've been doing lots of HTML/CSS projects at work, so maybe I'll be able to take that experience somewhere in the future! ^^;
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg you're in a university now?? That's so cool! Be sure to have as much fun as possible while you still can! ^_^ I just started at a university myself only a year ago (after 3 years of community college haha), though my orientation lasted for only a day rather than a week. xD

    Are classes starting for you soon? And have you figured out what major you want to pursue? :D :D :D

    Welcome back—it's great to see you around again! =)
    That's no problem, SE is a hack I've tracked for a long time and will continue to track until you've completed it ;P
    Noticed you haven't been on in awhile, you must be busy irl. Wondering if there's any news on much you've been working on Sigma Emerald.
    Aaah, graduation! That has got to be exciting, haha. But starting college can also be a scary thought, too... at least it was for me, anyway. xD Wishing you the best of luck after high school! I'm sure you'll be totally fine if you give it all you've got! :D

    Things have been going great for me, too! I finally started an actual job relating to my major about 3 months ago, so that has improved my mood significantly! But on the downside, I've been getting more exhausted a lot quicker while trying to adjust, and on top of that, time is passing way faster than I can imagine... like, two weeks now feels like less than two days to me, heh.
    It depends on convenience. Use 0x prefix if you want to specify in hex.
    OMGGGG DRACO! I haven't seen you in forever! :o

    How's everything been lately? (Super awesome to see you around here again, by the way!)
    Hey, is there any chance you could tell me how you managed to get the Legendary Dogs roaming in Emerald? And likewise, how you made it so the game knows when you've KOed whichever roamer is currently roaming?
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