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  • Ayeeee, miss you lots handsome. XD
    Not really, but trying to stay strong and positive! Hopefully, all's well with ya as well!! (:
    Working on a hack is certainly tedious, and it's hellish when you're busy with real life.
    So far I've only done Pallet, Route 1 and Viridian City's maps for Pokemon 20. XD At this rate, this hack's gonna be released in year 2020. Lmfao
    You are unstoppable, young man. (:
    It's amazing you can still try to slip some time for Sigma Em. I hope you're aren't sacrificing sleep hours just to work on it!
    Oh, still busy in general. But all's good, at least for the time being, haha.
    How about you?
    The only real pain is getting the wires out in order, straightening them out, and making sure they go into all channels and all the way through their channels. As for getting them in the panel, it was a piece of cake.
    Thanks a lot!! (:
    We can chat soon, after I'm done with life probs. Lmao
    It's not really that easy. Like a lot of it is really hard for me to wrap my head around. We went through recently on how to make ethernet cables and how to wire cables into a panel which easier done than said.
    I added you on Skype, better accept that request. ;)

    Well yeah, you are right. Animals can still feed on their corpse. (:
    Ah, nice! Good luck with that -- hard work pays off!

    As for me, I had a pretty rough start, but I'd say things are slowly improving now! :D
    Is that why you are back here with us? :') Careful don't strain yourself though

    So in other words they exist to extend the bloodline? (: They don't even eat! It's like they are out of food chain or something.

    That is a cute way to see things, I guess. :P I do wonder how far can they remember, as in how many ancestors?
    Somewhat. The classes last from anywhere between 2-4 hours and most of the time I am doing nothing except playing on my phone or my laptop. The class does have its moments, like the infamous computer war that goes on in the class. To make it short, someone who next to me saw the wallpaper on his computer was changed, so he changed it, walked in and the wallpaper was changed again and it displayed text "Stop changing the wallpaper" and I can't say the rest, so he changes the wallpaper to Rick Astley with the words "Never Gonna Give This Up" and password locked the ability to change the wallpaper, few days later the mystery person changed the wallpaper to "How mad are you now m8?", he deleted everything off that computer, and he changed the password on the admin account on the computer and changed the password hint which I can't even say what it was, so the person next to me moves at the end and a few weeks later the mystery person found out and changed the password on the admin account on that computer X3. The class is sometimes fun, it's boring for the most part since nothing happens most of the time, but it is fun sometimes.

    Thanks :). We've been very happy since day one and each day gets better and better.
    Somewhat. The new classes are now Computer Tech, last time there were business classes. Computer Tech is a bit more complicated, but has some hands on stuff. So far it is been routing, learning how to configure computers, setting up networks, and how everything works.

    Thanks :) . It's been really nice being with him and I couldn't ask for anyone better.
    Oh, well I hope you'll at least be somewhat active here. My activity is pretty much all back on PC.

    Do you mind if I get your Skype then? I don't play League, but it'd be nice at least. I promise I won't bother you too much, but if you have a microphone it would be cool if we had a call sometime.
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