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  • Personal life isn't the greatest, since my grandmother is going through things. But, I'm not going to go into too much detail.

    The Touhou game I'm referring to is called Touhou Danamku Kagura It's locked behind a vpn, though, so I can't play it.

    Other than that, I'm writing a Genshin Impact fanfiction after having been away from writing seriously since maybe 2015, so that keeps me busy on Sundays.

    & That's okay. I'm not always on Pokecommunity, either. I just lurk most days, if I'm being honest, lol.
    How are you doing? There's now an official Touhou rhythm game, but it's sadly a mobile game (that isn't in English yet).
    I remembered you liked dinosaurs, and when I watched this video abt pokemon prehistory, I Just had to send it to you.
    Ah, really? I see. I do suppose the PC games are always gonna be better.

    I considered playing the mobile game I mentioned, Touhou Lost World, which is the new mobile game, but my phone is too old to do so. Maybe one day, I'll play some of the original pc games, though.
    Omg it took me like 4 months to get to it but it was worth binge watching for 3 hours xD

    Ohhh. Well the art is very amazing <3 Touhou seems pretty cool i gotta look into it one of these days
    Have you heard about Saurian? It's basically a Dinosaur simulator where the entire premise is to survive for as long as possible. Here's gameplay footage of it. It's still in development and set to be released next year, but I want to try it out right now.
    It's true, I got banned for stuff I didn't do. My account got stolen by teehee, you guys may probably remember him, after sharing my password with a new SPPF user I befriended, whose computer got infected by teehee's virus to spy on her.

    I'm doing fine. I've been enjoying my time at PC, Skype, and Disquis so much that I forgot to visit Facebook and Steam more often (as well as playing my games, as my backlog is really big). Of course, I'm beginning to worry about this forum leaning too much to the regressive left after spending some time at the debate subforum.
    Probably from when the server was hacked or something.

    & I'm okay. I'll be back on Skype again soon where's easier to reach me.
    yeah i worry when i graduate i wont be able to find a job. i get like nothing and work no hours >.<
    well the classes for early childhood arent terrible at all, it's just like the random math, science, and english that's a pain lol.

    o_o. what is she going to school for now?
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