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  • in OPM I'm not sure I liked Saitama, on one hand it's hilarious how simple minded yet powerful he is but that's all that I can remember of him... didn't leave more of an impression on me. did you like him as a protagonist?

    Death Note's Season 1 is definitely better, it feels more fresh, and it kind of seems that the story should've concluded with that season's ending rather than drag on to season 2. The ending of season 2 left me confused and sad lol

    As for SAO, it basically became worse episode after episode, and season 2 took it to a whole new level of bad for me. Just felt like fan fiction at that point, and it was more of a disappointment since the anime had one of the best starts i've ever seen
    did you ever start your own serious hack? Or helped others with theirs

    did you watch all of one piece? It did have some good arcs and some amazing ones (some say it had bad ones too but I never thought it actually did). as for OPM, I thought it was lacking in the comedy it was trying to pull off - still had some interesting stuff in it. And as for Death Note, I highly recommend it. Really, not just as an anime, but an all-around great story - I know people who dislike anime but love Death Note just because of how well done it is

    imo SAO started out very promising, but quickly devolved into a soap opera... Sad times, hope season 3 is good
    similarly to you adding water to Littleroot, I thought I was tough shit for winning the HOTW... lol I still don't know how to insert a cry though, the need never came up for me but I know it would be too complicated for my thin patience

    I like anime & manga when it's good, I'm fond of some mainstream ones like One Piece and Death Note and some not so mainstream ones like Toradora... My friend tells me about SAO season 3, but I've lost interest after season 2, have you seen the new episodes? Are they any good?
    haha, I've been through that path myself xD Mapping and tile-inserting is more or less all my dumb teenage self managed to learn, and all that came out of it was some poor, buggy hacks

    Just asking I guess
    I saw your thread in the Meet & Greet section where you said you were into hacking around 2010 (same time as I was back then), and I saw you visiting my profile so I got curious. Maybe you remember my name
    Greetings, are you available to play our tour games? I am on the battle server whenever you are ready to play.
    Hey, it seems that you missed all of the times. is there a preference as to when you would like to play? i will offer you a chance to reschedule assuming that you will be willing to play soon.
    Hey, we are paired for the last round of the OU tour what times are you available to play i am GMT-5 and am generally able to play on the weekend( Friday - Sunday) from 1:00pm - 3:00pm my time i am willing to be flexible if these times do not work for you.
    Sorry I wasn't around today, I had a lot of work to do. I'll push to be on around 4 tomorrow. :>
    I hope you're enjoying the community! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask~
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