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  • /hugs you

    Thank you Shawn I love that! You know me well! I wish this was Dragonite's shiny, a nice bright, warm pink looks are much more engaging colors, and also match the pre-evolution.

    I was absent from the forum for awhile on leave because lot of personal issues came up. I had covid, my mom fell and her needed treatment for thr injury, cousin had an operation. But everyone has recovered now, including me. I'm excited Thanksgiving about coming up in US, spending time with loved of ones. Did you had a nice holiday Season so far with Halloween and Canadian Thanksgiving? I think your birthday is also coming up soon. Yay!
    Hello to you to Shawn! You put a smile on my face. I have had a kinda rough go of it lately, and appreciate you paying me a visit. This is very belated--I am so behind in my messages, but a huge congratulations on acing your classes and buying a new home. I am happy for ya, and hope that things are continue to be bright ^_^

    gosh things have been a rollercoaster since april!! some of the BEST moments in my whole life, overcoming so many anxieties, and celebrating life and love in general! but, there's always a flipside, yeah? not that i mind -- the interpersonal progress i've made far outweighs the negatives. but as it goes, there's been loss, illness, and conflict.

    still, i can sum myself up as being rather happy atm!

    what about you, hon? any adventures since we last chatted? >:]
    Hello! I haven't heard from you for a while... I hope everything is alright ?
    About the interview, if you aren't into writing a backstory for your Altaria character, we could do something else : I am about to start a series of interview articles for Daily, and I could write one where I interview you as a person, if you prefer that! ^^
    Hey, Shawn! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so down lately... I just hope you know a lot of people here love you and care about you! It may feel too far away to notice sometimes but it's always there. Sending positive energy and best wishes your way. May things begin looking up for you soon!

    I made you a small gift, on behalf of all your friends here really, to remind you that you're on our minds <3
    Looking forward to that! Let me know if you do! uwu

    I started in a similar way, although I didn't get into the games until much later with Pokemon Leaf Green and Emerald. I live in Belgium and English isn't my native language, so it's difficult for younger kids to pick up the games when you can't read any of the dialogue. I was around 11 when I played LG and Emerald for the first time and skipped through most of the text while simply solo'ing the game with my starter. :p

    I enjoy pretty much any Pokemon games, but if I had to name my favorites, it'd probably be HG/SS and B/W. I also enjoy the aesthetics of X/Y and the Let's Go games a lot so those are always enjoyable for me as well.
    Hey! Nice to meet you! ^^

    I'm glad you enjoy my posts! :3 I've been mostly active in the Travel Journal section of the forums, keeping track of my journey as I (re)play all of the main series games.

    What got you into Pokemon? Are you mostly into the games/series/cards/etc.?
    I stumbled across this website again and saw that we played Smash back in 2014 ?????? Where does the time go
    Omg thank you so much!! I really needed a smile right now. You're the best! (♡°▽°♡)
    Hey there Shawn! Who is this Victims of Milotic? They sound dangerous indeed! Does this creature bite?

    No worries. So how did your test go? Hopefully the results are negative and you are fit as a fiddle. I remember that you expressed interest in being vaccinated, have you been able to get a vaccine? I am hope you learn a lot in school, and do well. Stay safe, and may all great things come your way!!
    Favorite video games: Danganronpa, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Nintendo video games
    awwww! What a lovely birthday note Shawn! Thank you! I have not been feeling well lately, and before that I was pretty exhausted from work with another job I began this summer. So I haven't been on top of my messages, but I'm surviving. How have you and your family been, and sweet Lily?
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