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  • Firstly thanks i must have lost your Vm with everything going on haha they where rough!
    Secondly after finals the business well didnt end but it got better so i managed to take it over and im currently working with twilightblade to get some css for the first post so im hoping to trick out the club a bit make the POTW more in depth and look better and make it really active again. Thanks for making such a great club!
    haha it gets alittle boring
    im extremely busy causee theres exams and stuff going on im so inactive now i hoep i can get back on more in the summer!
    Im just unsure cause im getting busier and busier now that the school year is running to a close im inactive in my own club atm but id ask wiicked if theres anyone he could recommend to run it cause i dont wanna see it die either at the very least we can find a new owner for the club to keep it running!
    Oh sorry to hear!

    I dont know i didnt do that good and the only topics i could bring would be bimonthly pokemon of the weeks. The people like you as the owner but maybe if you put me as co owner i could create the pokemon of the weeks and you could create a topic the week after? Or if you were too busy vm me a topic you'd like to see in place? Something along those lines i could help with :D
    So did i do ok running it? Lol
    And how have you been btw? Still busy or slowing down yet? Haha
    Pretty sure pirating a video/film is illegal in most countries, not just Europe. Not many places do anything about it, it's very hard to do anything about. But until I know for sure I'm masking my IP and/or have a server to download through, I'm not taking a chance
    Yeah, but if I get caught torrenting, I get slammed with a nice 2500 euro fine. I couldn't pay that in my wildest dreams. So I'll have to give it a wait.
    The moment I can see it in English, I'm there! Hopefully weekend after next will give an opportunity. So how's things been going for you?
    Oh sweet! You gotta tell me how it is, but don't spoil it haha! I wanna watch that at some point :D
    Oooh, yes I actually bought it recently! I put it on hold in favor for DA:O though. I should really get into it at some point.
    Not that far, just across town so I can be closer to school and out of my parents' hair. :P
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