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  • hey when can you battle for old gen random tour? I am free any day from 1pm to 5pm GMT. I am GMT+5:30, so i dont think we would have problem regarding timezones :)
    I am on a phone right now and won't be able to do much about it. Bardothren#4314 is mine. As for the lore, I can get you a link and you can work on it directly. We only have until Thursday to get it done and there's a lot to do. I'd say we are around 20% done right now and I can write out another chunk tonight and tomorrow.
    Gonna need to reschedule our battle. My preferred times are same as before. Let me know what works for you.
    When do you wanna battle for Old Gen Random? Preferred times are evenings on weekdays and any time on weekends (GMT -4).
    I do try to post in them, but keep in mind I am going to be a Get-Together event host which means I have to put that first.
    Well hello there! Just picked up that friend request of yours, so I figured I'd see you.

    How are you enjoying stuff so far?
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