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  • You have shown prudence and fortitude, two heavenly virtues, as you make sacrifices for the greater good to maintain economic stability in your realm. You will be remembered as a wise and resilient ruler who brought prosperity to the land, and through his planning provided for his people even in the year of plague.

    How is the endurance training going? Weightlifting in the royal gymnasium was important part of your routine for longevity. I was wondering if you had met Figure? He's a nice guy who recently joined the fitness club Close Combat and is also a weightlifter. I was wondering because he reminds me of you a little :)

    I wish I could ride beside you into the action of battle between with you. I get more and more curious about the Galar region everyday, especially knowing that Pokemon follow you in the dlc content, however crudely, and I also wish to help Calyrex having heard of it's plight. I am eager to re-unite with old friends like my noble steed Dragonite, and to wear the latest fashions from the new world because I love the art of customisation. And there are many newly discovered dragons I would tame Duraludon, Dragapult, and when the time goes Regidrago, despite it's flaws it's still by far the most interesting of the regi line to me. I like that's inside a dragon mouth. It's ability sounds good, and seems like a solid mixed attacker. It's got a game-breaking amount of hit points, yet it's defenses are low on both fronts. I'd like to also see it in a slight higher speed tier. So it's an unusual Pokemon that i have to think about exactly how to use, but I'm up for the challenge.

    It's great that you have been reunited with most of of your unit. A king needs his armed forces on the mission, if won't due to just have a limited number of scouts. You have almost rebuilt your entire army and expanded it it's size to even greater than before. It's still a blow that you lost good soldier in Mareep, but soldiers that go missing in action may return. We will search for our pink woolen knight.

    I respect the burden you must carry Your Grace, and hope that the festival of Thanksgiving offers you some respite and pleasure during these stressful, work-heavy times. I have had quite a bit to too juggle on my own, family matters, making sure my loves ones are provided for and getting them healthy, so right now it's a trying time I think for all of us. We must have faith and courage.

    It's still good to see, showing yourself to the public when you can. I missed you. I shall send you a token of my esteem for all you have contributed this year in many sections. You are great to have in The Clubhouse, and also Off-topic where I mod. You'll see my crest soon.
    Greetings your sovereign majesty!

    How fare thee? It has been some time since I have read a royal proclamation in the forum. I trust that you are in good health, and are making wonderful progress across the many territories in your domain. I wish my king well, and hope that you have a joyful Thanksgiving festival my lord.

    -Your loving Servant Lady Sam
    Hey dude, I saw you were also looking at the thread for pokemon sword and shield. Please how can I download the app for my android? I've tried several times but it isn't working due to human verification. Please help me...
    How are you for your majesty? When you return from the war victorious I just wanted to let you know that a joust will be held where your can demonstrate your glory before your kingdom.

    The club for strength and warriors is here at last. Your subjects would love to hear tales of how you have trained in the art of weightlifting to be the mighty king that you are!

    Heyy! If you wanna talk DM me on discord, I'm always there! :P my discord tag is Ysabel#8233
    Awesome! I see you. I'll send you the friend request. Yup, I'd still love Dratini and Zoroark if you're feeling up to it, and I can give you Milotic and Trapinch in exchange. Milotic's in the dragon egg group at least.

    I'll reply to you over on Discord shortly. All good things your way!
    I do the king's good work under a different alias on Discord. I am Dratiniscale#5054

    I'll friend you if tell me yours. Speaking of shiny Dratini, I haven't forgotten that we have business to transact and would love to trade this week if you're not too busy. I have your adamant shiny trapinch ready. I also have an extra shiny Milotic if you're interested. Since it will be a 3ds trade does gen 6 or 7 work best for you? I can do either.

    May your reign be prosperous!

    Oh, I shall look at Rose! Perhaps we could even incorporate some of the photos of your court into the upcoming banner, project? Would you like any of your conquests to be immortalized on the walls of our Clubhouse halls?

    Ultra Necrozma is beautiful, good look to you finding it's silvery shiny.

    And yes, you are right Your Majesty. Unlike the Nintendo Switch a switch lite is strictly a handheld console, but that's okay for me. I'm a simple subject. I don't need to have the most cutting edge technology, so long as I can continue the core Pokémon series it will work for me. I also like the idea that it's smaller, and something I can use on the go. For the lower price it's what I need.

    Have you ever watched any of the Pokémon movies? Your love for your green Deino made me think of Carlita's shiny Hydreigon in the Victini Zekrom movie, her signature Pokémon.

    Awesome to hear about the shiny Zygarde. That was the Sun and Moon event I most looked forward to during the year of legendary giveaway.

    If you are collecting event Pokémon let me know if you ever come across Lance's Dragonite with barrier, that was one I have always wanted.

    So many shinies that I can barely count them all, but did you say Kyurem?! That's a gorgeous and subtle one. Some day I will resume my shiny Serperior hunt in Pokémon Black, and maybe, just maybe end game I will hunt for Kyurem.

    Which is your favorite of the Tao trio/Unova dragons? Zekrom? Reshiram or Kyurem? Not necessarily based on shininess, but just in general. Mine is Reshiram.

    Oh fiddlesticks, I was hoping I could find you something that you didn't already have, but you have cleaned out Game Freaks dragon collection, and truly are a master. Since you already have a shiny Trapinch and shiny Flygon I could perhaps evolve shiny Trapinch into Vibrava, it has a distinct autumn color. That way you would have all three stages of the trapinch line. Also I believe you already have a shiny Charizard, but I wanted to to know if you had more than one? Because I could give you a shiny perhaps that has a different nature than the one you already have. If you have a nature that makes a good Y mega like Modest or Timid then I could give you one that makes a good X mega like Adamant or Jolly. Since both forms of Charizard look so different it would be a different shiny experience and really two different Pokémon with different stats upon evolution. Would that be better than Vibrava?

    Sorry also for the delay in my letters. I have been so preoccupied with duties of state with one of the governors in this realm that I have been negligent in my correspondence and have not been able to write of my progress in depth as often. I have a slow horseman carrying my messages, but he had finally arrived at your court with my letter properly thanking his Majesty for his generosity and magnanimity :) Your subject is still ever faithful

    Yeah we got it taken care of lol. Yeah Crown Tundra will be great. I have multiples of the regulars, but I actually think all black Shiny Tapu Fini is very bold and smooth looking...

    Also got another of each of Shiny Goodra, Haxorus, and Hydreigon.

    That was before I even left the bed lmao.
    Ouch, that sucks. Were you able to make it home okay? :(

    Oooo very nice! It'll be even better once those two can finally be put in SWSH! <3 I've got all of the Tapu's but so far none of them are shiny. Tbh I'm not crazy about their coloration.
    of course! it was an honor to behold a shiny Dragon of your personal court! :D

    i suppose that's how it works when you trade pokemon at the level you do! i'm genuinely impressed, i don't involve myself much in these systems besides occasionally finding a shiny in the wild! it's taken me, what, 400+ hours to find the shiny fairies i did? the fact that you collected so many so quickly is really cool :)
    happy to help! you keep holding onto that Mimikyu for me and I'll keep doing enough favors till i earn it or finally come across a shiny dragon i'm willing to part with lol
    honestly idk why i didn't ask i sorta was just like "this is the obvious choice". my bad!

    tho i did send him home with a berry! :)
    Guess you've stumbled across another loyal subject of the Fae kingdom, no doubt!

    I'd take any shiny Fairy into my custody and always provide them with a good home! <3

    Anyways I'm hopping on SWSH right now so lemme know the code if you get one first :)
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