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  • Exactly! It's such a departure from the other Regi's and I love that! I hope he's got a killer story to go along with him. :) I wouldn't mind seeing a Dark type Regi at some point too!
    Yeah it's lame Zarude is only coming to Japan on August 7th iirc cause of the newest movie release and the code for him is on the physical ticket, or something like that. I'm sure they'll do a separate event for America/UK but we most likely won't get the shiny Celebi that supposed to come with it. :////

    Regidrago is looking spicy af tho. Its design is really unique! I personally don't mind not having a Fairy Regi since they're not my favorite class of Legendary anyway. :p I just want more new Pokemon in general, haha.
    And with that (not counting Zarude) I have completed the Isle of Armor dex! i'm really very grateful, thank you so much. If there's anything else I can do to repay you please let me know!
    I have shiny dragons from her too! she gave me my shiny Swablu! I had no idea she was so into the shiny Dragon trading community, haha. All I had to offer her was a shiny petilil since it wasn't in SWSH, rip.
    Ahhhh, fair enough!

    Sam is great! She's so nice and working with her as staff on this site is honestly such a pleasure. She's a wonder to be friends with. <33

    Awesome man I'm ready whenever you are just say the word!
    You can join the Discord server for PC too! I'm not on there often because multiple chats just ain't my thing, but still, it would make trading easier in my eyes! You're the first trader I've met who doesn't use an instant messaging system to set up personal trades. Not that I'm passing judgement! you do you!

    Do you mean Sam as in VisionofMilotic?
    It just streamlines communication imo. i actually don't use it much either other than for PC staff reason, Animal Crossing, and Monster Hunter coordination.
    sweet lol I'm just chilling so you lemme know when you're good -- no rush!
    Nah, mine's not shiny, it's just a regular boring one lol. I just figured I'd ask if you wanted it. I also got a Duraludon in a Heavy Ball for breeding purposes if you wanted that too. I'm just thinking of some Dragons I can pawn off on you lol.

    Haha, no way man my ass is from New Jersey, lmao. I just give my Pokemon French names cause the Fairy type came out in XY and that was based on Paris. It's like a little homage to it. :)
    Ahh, I see. That makes sense! I'm looking to make a living Dex so trading any anything isn't really an option for me (though I make exceptions for duplicates and people like you who I know will trade me a fairy I'm looking for AND give the Pokemon I trade away a good home <3).

    But yeah take your time, there's no rush. :)
    aw, i think that's a great service to provide! i guess I know who I'll be going to for my shiny fairy needs henceforth! :D

    Let me know when you want me to give you a link code! i'll be happy to help ya out with your Seadra too

    Also my FC is SW:7755-1826-2784 if you want it :)
    oh, yeah before i forget, are you good with going that proygon 2 trade? i just need to evolve the bloody thing haha
    aahhhh awesome! I'll be around for the next hour or so if you wanna trade! :)
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