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  • The only games i've really been playing are idolm@ster cinderella girls and idolm@ster sidem on my phone. they're primarily rhythm games, so it's easy for me to play a lot of them.
    I do want to play ^_^ My boyfriend already has a copy so I'll play it when i'm ready haha. im not really in the mood to start new games lately
    Thank you! And agreed! Seems like OP's fallen out of favour with people lately but I still love it. :)
    Yes! Who are you, though...? And not that I mind but how did you link the two accounts?
    Haha. :)
    That's good that it was a short day. Any plans for the weekend? My day was okay, just a bit preoccupied with my grandpa right now. He's in a nursing home not doing very well. But we're all here for him. :)
    I know! :( But I haven't played any of the Sinnoh games, which is probably what's turning me away from continuing on reading the manga. I kind of "lost interest" when generation 4 came out. But the important thing is that I got back into it! Lol.
    Okay! Where should we begin? ^^
    I haven't actually read X/Y yet. I should get around to doing that. Actually, the latest I read is FireRed/LeafGreen. Really cool arc. I haven't read anything past that. I certainly have some catching up to do!
    That'd be nice of you to teach me. I don't want to burden you, though! Somebody attempted to teach me a few things once before and I still don't get it, lol...
    Me too. What has been your favorite arc so far? Mine is the Ruby/Sapphire arc, for sure! ^^ I'm looking forward to getting more of OR/AS.
    Ah, the Prisim League. I've heard of it before. Don't ask how because I can't remember where, but I have heard of it. Gah I wish I was better at competitive battling. Then I'd be able to do cool stuff like that. ;_;
    I agree! :3 That's a nice idea. I'm sure you'll gain lots of fans on here. ^^ I don't see why you wouldn't. This is certainly a special place.~
    Same here. I like the fact that it brings out a little more mature side of Pokemon. It's what I've always wanted, to be honest. You bet I was ecstatic when I discovered it, lol.
    Giveaways? Cool. I'm sure I'll participate if I can. ^_^ And that's a nice goal! I don't actually know what the PC League is though, are there gym leaders and stuff?
    Haha, I don't think it's too much. I'm pretty much the same way with Pokemon. I'm glad I found a site that I can talk about it with other people like me. :) In any case, perhaps I'll watch the English sub for the Mega Evolution Specials.
    Do you like the PokeSpe manga?
    Thank you! ^^ Already have Play Rough, and I will definitely keep the others in mind until I can get them.
    Yay! ^^
    I know, haha. Do you watch the English dubs or the Japanese with English subtitles? I...I...can't stand Steven's voice in the English version, oh my. =S It's probably why I haven't watched the other specials, lolol. But like I said, I'm just your everyday fail fan here. :)
    Haha! A lemon with bunny ears. xD What is a good moveset for Azu, if you don't mind me asking?
    Aww, I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope the meds work quickly! :( -hugs-
    You're welcome! Yeah, Alain is a very cool character. I like how him and Steven worked together. Although I won't lie, I've only seen one part of the Mega Evolution Special. Lol -fail Steven fan-
    My day is going well, thanks for asking. Just got home from some appointments. Time to work on my Pokemon some more! >:) So far my team is Combusken, Vigoroth, Swellow, and Azumarill. I know, Azumarill's kinda crappy, but I've never used one before and wanted to. xD
    Yay! Sounds totally fun, I'm psyched. B)
    Yes, I will let you know when I do. :)
    How is your day going? Your jaw feeling any better?
    Love your avatar btw. ^^
    Ooh, that sounds fun! I wish I had friends that I could do that with, lol. Speaking of Skype....I should probably download it, now that I'm on here. xD I've never actually done a wonderlocke (or any locke, for that matter).
    Oh, seriously?! Dang, I didn't even know that. Lolol. I still have yet to capture all of the legendaries, you see. Yeah, the rival theme is awesome! I love it. Nope, no trophies for me yet. I'll be honest, I haven't messed with the Battle Maison all that much. Yeah, I really need to get on that...xD
    That is good (not the injuries, but the healing fast part). I tend to heal rather quickly, as well.
    Me too! I could go on and on about Pokemon soundtracks, haha. The Zinnia battle theme is absolutely amazing, I concur. :3 The Kyogre/Groudon battle theme is also amazing, the way it reverts back to the GBA version every now and then.~ And nah, I just have my Omega Ruby for when I feel like playing through the story. Alpha Sapphire is where I keep all of my goods, haha. I still haven't completed the dex, though. :/
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