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  • Happy Birthday! It's nice to see some of the younger demographic on PC like myself - I'm only 15 c:

    How's it going?
    Okay! I suggest looking at some other OOC threads and see what they usually include. Most people post the OOC first because they think it's neat to have people sign up in one thread and roleplay in another. But you can post the IC first if you want, and specifically state that you want SUs to go there. That way you can start RPing quicker! You probably want to make an OOC thread later though, to better be able to talk and plan.
    to answer your question in the RPD: I believe the maximum words allowed in a single post is 50000 or something like that, and yes, spoilers do increase its size
    Uhhh... You have to post a SU and wait for the GM's to either accept it or decline it. Right now I'll have to decline your SU. I'll write down the things you need to edit in the OOC thread in a little bit.
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