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  • Hey Doc,

    Thanks for making such a wholesome tutorial for inserting custom battle backgrounds! I've never done it before, but I got it on my first try with your help. :)

    Would it be okay if I repost something of mine that's been in Quick R&D for quite a while into the ASM Resource Thread?

    Specifically, it's my routine to make FR display Hidden Power's type. I should've put it in the ASM Resource Thread from the beginning, because it definitely fits better there than Quick R&D, but reposting it there two years after the fact feels weird, so I wanted to make sure that it'd be okay and not be too spammy.
    I noticed that the download link in my old nameless sprite editor 2.x thread is dead.
    The thread has been closed for nearly half a decade now, but is there anyway I can upload an attachment?
    - no one likes dead links :)
    I realize you're probably busy right now and have been, but when you have the chance could you read and respond to my pm?... I'm not in a rush or anything :)
    I realise you are busy atm moderating forums and might not have the time to look at my PM. But I Have No Choice Then To Update Warning in Advanced page.
    Lol, trying to atm. xD
    Noticed a couple familiar usernames from bulba as well from when i was "Blahmon". XD
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