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  • Yes, mobile games. The idol ones like Love Live and Idolish7.

    Winter anime started. I'm watching Yuru Camp so far, and that's about it.
    get em quick before your future employers melt under this disgusting 32 degree 80% humidity weather
    Crazy stuff right? I remember talking to you about the last episode in a hotel years ago telling you about the blessings of our holy maiden, Ayase. I read the first dozen or so chapters of the Eromanga manga but haven't seen a single episode of the anime yet mainly due to being on holidays right now.

    Personal reasons led me to abandon the internet for quite a while, but now I'm back for good. I've downloaded and watched alot of the popular stuff that's aired over the past ~2 years and I'm still having fun :P

    How've you been/ what have you been up to?
    wtf when did you get all big and grow up
    brace yourself for the hell of the uk job market
    Hmm, okay in some aspects, but mostly tired & playing entirely too many idol games. You?
    $200... good enough for me. Also mom is paying for my facial appointments so that's awesome since I haven't went to a salon in god knows how long ^^ I'm minimal so I don't really need much lmao
    I had some of those but they were side additions to the food my brother got lol. the main ones we got were special rolls that're more expensive. nom!! I just can't get enough. now I gotta think of what to eat for dinner cuz no more sushi sigh ):
    Nah, I'm going for education. I became a preschool teacher, and in order for me to keep my job, I had to get a second degree. Luckily it's been very easy so far. I did get my medical degree, but healthcare is a dead industry for assistants. Thanks, Mike Pence.

    I loooooove Shirayuki! I still need to watch the second season, though. I'm waiting to buy it on blu-ray so I can watch the dub. I loooooooooove Josh Grell's voice.
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