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  • Oh I didn't even notice til now, but hey you got the rotating avatars! Love the use for it~
    Hi man welcome to pokecommunity i wish that you experience more love from our members!
    Dj Allen out!
    i'm a dumb dumb. all this time i've been looking at Pokecommunity through the Johto Elite Dark Mode theme. just tried out the default and by god it looks so dark indeed. will change it to white asap.

    EDIT - how's that
    dudee this website is pog thanks so much for this. bookmarked. i'm ashamed to call myself a graphic designer yet not have the eye for good contrast and text readability.

    just recently decided to go the route of finding a new background for my flair, since i found a cooler one anyway so it's whatevs lol. i actually already have a slight drop shadow on the text, but i guess it wasn't enough, especially with the constant changing colors on that parallax background. how's it look now?
    yeah that's the unfortunate part. but at least there's a handful amount of cool CSS ideas over at the breeder stats page huehue.

    there's the BBCode list found on the question mark drop down menu (top right icons), and the CSS Help Thread over at the internet and technology section. though the latter's pretty outdated. no one's posted since last year.
    yeah, and i just realized if i wanna take a look at someone's bbcode for their post, i literally just have to quote their post in a reply and copy paste from there.

    my god how did it take me this long to realize this... i've been stressing out for so long lmao.
    i got a relatively large photo (~1000 pixels wide), then used these codes

    background-size: cover; background-attachment: fixed;

    the second one's the one that got the effect going. was confused between scroll and fixed for a while last night, but i figured it out after some time hehe. big shoutout to w3 schools!
    yoo love the layout you made for your VPP. welcome to the fun! :D you're one of the v few people i know that actually likes elgyem huehue lotsa folks dismiss it bcs of its design.
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